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Demonstrate your value to clients while protecting and growing their assets with all-in-one digital wealth management software. Access portfolio analytics, multi-asset class research, global market analysis, and tools to create digital client experiences. Whether it's global wealth management, personal wealth management, or private wealth management, we can offer consolidated research and digital solutions for your wealth management needs.

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    Understanding the triggers and drivers that have shaped our “new normal” will help high net worth individuals (HNWIs) and their wealth managers formulate more resilient strategies for 2021 and beyond. In our new eBook, we examine what the wealth management industry can do to bridge the digital divide that has emerged since the pandemic, allowing some firms to race ahead and make technology their differentiator.

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    Access the integrated content, multi-asset class research, robust analytics, and dynamic reporting tools you need to build and grow your client base. Our holistic workflow solution provides everything from relationship management and portfolio monitoring to research distribution and presentation-style reporting. With FactSet’s integrated wealth management tools, you can enhance your client outreach by understanding how real-time market-moving news impacts your book’s exposures to deliver high-quality advice and intelligence to each of your clients. FactSet’s solutions for wealth managers are available through the workstation, web component, or API. While you’re on the road, connect to FactSet through your mobile device to ensure your productivity is never interrupted.

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    Integrated Data
    Advisor Efficiency

    Replace disparate platforms with a single solution.

    Spend more time arriving at actionable insight and talking to clients, and less time jumping between wealth software and applications. Seamlessly combine your portfolio holdings and internal research with our high-quality content, robust analytics, and dynamic reporting tools. Utilize FactSet’s intuitive screening tool, powered by machine learning and voice technology, to search for global funds and ETFs across a vast scope of data and characteristics to find relevant results in seconds. Save key funds for later or archive them for use in other areas of FactSet. Leverage turn-key solutions to integrate client portfolios into FactSet from your firm's accounting systems for next-level wealth investment solutions. Access all your accounts in one consolidated view with a dynamic interface that is personalized for each advisor and surfaces actionable insights to better serve your clients the right information, at the right time.

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    Advisor Efficiency

    Build and automate presentation-quality reports.

    Increase engagement with current clients and market your services to prospects with robust and insightful reporting solutions. Easily prepare client-friendly reports and presentations to show performance, characteristics, and composition of individual accounts, as well as overall client relationships.
    Leverage FactSet's consolidated research and digital wealth solutions to increase advisor efficiency.

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    Client Portal

    Leverage FactSet’s digital solutions to keep up with HNW requirements.

    FactSet's investment-grade content and award-winning technology combine to deliver a complete digital experience to your clients. Partner with FactSet to present a sophisticated digital interface, no matter your firm’s digital capabilities and resources. Choose from an array of digital solutions, ranging from standardized, brandable report components to custom web portal implementations. Take control of the development of your client digital platform with our suite of report APIs, which can serve as the building blocks of your in-house solution.

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    Client Portals
    Advisor Platforms

    Work with FactSet to build a digital platform that empowers your advisors.

    Customize your in-house portal to meet your advisors’ needs by leveraging FactSet’s range of digital components and solutions. Integrate FactSet’s unique content and dynamic reports into your internal wealth portal alongside your customer relationship management (CRM) and portfolio management systems for an optimal user experience. Implement your firm’s approved buy list and limit the results of funds outside of your approved environment. Frame individual web components into your existing intranet where they communicate seamlessly with your native intranet displays. Leverage an array of pre-built displays and a robust API for seamless data access and integration.

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    Advisor Platforms
    maintain compliance

    Support your compliance efforts with fully integrated solutions.

    Today's regulatory environment can pose significant challenges for the most informed wealth advisors and managers. Our flexible automated data wealth management solutions can help you streamline your reporting obligations with the ability to prove investment rationale and investment research. Leverage idea tracking, ETF data analysis, robust screening capabilities, and more with our suite of robust wealth management products.

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