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FactSet is an established source for academic research that helps university professors and students better understand today's global financial markets with industry-leading data, workflow tools, comprehensive training videos, and much more.

Maximize learning and development with the ability to monitor global markets, perform in-depth analysis, develop investment strategies, extract data with simple queries, and load it into statistical packages. Access the data you need in any format and ease post-graduation workplace integration with a single solution.

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University Professors and Students


    Don't miss our unique commentary like our weekly Earnings Insight, ETF fund flows, deep dives into performance and fixed-income analysis, and more.

    Award-winning academic solutions

    Campus-Wide Subscription

    Campus-Wide Subscription

    Benefit from an unlimited number of FactSet accounts for all students and faculty on campus with FactSet’s Academic Package. Gain the flexibility to get the most out of the markets with the option to use FactSet on campus or remotely. Whether as a professor or student, conduct research and integrate FactSet into your curricula, as well as complete assignments or perform your analysis.

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    Campus-Wide Subscription
    Enhance Your Curriculum

    Enhance Your Curriculum

    Hands-on experience helps professors make lessons more tangible and increase the impact of lesson plans with powerful analytics and an extensive breadth of data that allow you to provide timely real-world examples and projects. FactSet’s full suite of powerful tools allows you to lead students as they analyze public and private entities, perform in-depth research, screen for public and private companies, debt, and mutual fund holders, and more.

    In addition to providing a powerful research platform for their independent use, FactSet gives you the tools to challenge your students and understand the impact of their investment decisions. Simulate trades before they are executed and view implications for style, fundamental characteristics, and weights. After the lesson, you’ll have the tools to analyze composition, style, and characteristics for single or multiple portfolios, and create monthly and quarterly reports.

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    Enhance Your Curriculum
    depend on FactSet for ongoing implementation and support

    FactSet Certificates of Completion

    With FactSet’s Certificates of Completion, you can leverage our comprehensive eLearning catalog to learn how to navigate FactSet at your own pace. FactSet’s Core Products course covers Navigation, Markets, Equity and Fixed Income, and four additional advanced certifications allow you to become an expert on FactSet without taking up valuable classroom time. Link your certificate(s) of completion and badge(s) to your LinkedIn profile and stand out to employers.

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    FactSet Certificates of Completion
    university professors and students support the pursuit of knowledge with a wider breadth of data

    FactSet Academic Research

    As an Academic user, you can access FactSet’s Academic Network of top academic institutions and instructors. All leverage our world-class data and analytics either in the classroom or for academic research.

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    • Learning Partners: Institutions or instructors require the use of FactSet data, tools, and research in their curriculum, including assignments or through the completion of our Certificates of Completion programs.
    • Research Partners: Professors have chosen FactSet as their data source for academic research across many different topics including Supply Chain, Ownership, and more.
    • ESG Partners: Formerly known as the Truvalue Academic Network. This segment of the Academic Network is comprised of researchers from leading academic institutions who have used Truvalue ESG data in their investigations. View more on our ESG academic research.



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