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Access the research tools you need to evaluate investment opportunities.


Conduct detailed analysis of companies and industries with a solution that combines relevant market information with advanced analytics in a single platform. FactSet has the tools you need to find new investment opportunities, construct valuation models, and track market, industry, and economic trends.

Private equity reviewing financial info
Private Equity

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    Award-winning private equity solutions

    private equity uncover investment opportunities

    Uncover investment opportunities.

    Whether you are looking for new investments or add-on acquisitions, discover targets that are in line with your investment theory. Using FactSet’s Universal Screening, narrow your screen results by private or public companies, keywords, industry classifications, financials, and more. Keep track of the secondary market by screening on sponsor-backed companies and further qualify them by date of entry. On FactSet you can access industry- and company-specific research reports from more than 1,300 brokers.

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    Uncover Opportunities
    private equity value the companies in your portfolio2

    Value the companies in your portfolio.

    Combine FactSet’s screening tools and industry-leading integration with Microsoft Office to construct valuation models, comparable analysis templates, and limited partner reports. Identify public and private peer companies for portfolio companies with the highest level of accuracy using FactSet’s screening tools. When using FactSet codes in Excel to retrieve and analyze data, you can quickly audit the formulas back to the source document, understand the breakdown of the calculation, access additional company information, and more. Build and link dynamic Excel charts and models into PowerPoint with automatic updates when the data is refreshed in Excel. Import tables and text from public or proprietary HTML and PDF files into Microsoft Excel while preserving an audit trail to the source.

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    Value Companies
    private equity analyze industry and economic trends and ralted market activity

    Analyze industry and economic trends, and related market activity.

    Perform top-down sector and regional analysis with an array of industry-level metrics and premier economic data. Leverage FactSet StreetAccount to view industry-specific news and metrics. Access geographic revenue data, performance, financials, estimates, news, and research for over 7,000 country and regional industries using FactSet and GICS classifications. Compare valuation and performance metrics for countries and industries. Analyze trends in key macro-economic indicators via pre-formatted economic and industry reports.

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    Analyze Trends
    private equity evaluate exit strategies to maximize returns

    Evaluate exit strategies to maximize returns.

    When you’re ready to exit your investment, identify the strategies that can help you realize the greatest return on your investment. Identify the most active financial and strategic buyers as determined by recent investments. Research market receptivity and track performance for the latest public offerings. Locate active advisors that specialize in deal execution within your market.

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    Evaluate Exit Strategies
    private equity identify opportunities to raise capital

    Identify opportunities to raise capital.

    Using our robust private equity screening, you can raise funds and quickly identify potential limited partners (LPs). Search across varying LP types, including pension funds, hedge funds, endowments, and more. Access historical LP fund commitments and view underlying portfolio companies. Identify and prospect relevant LPs by viewing aggregated investments and preferences by sector or country.

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    Raise Capital

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