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Streamline your company and market analysis with a single solution that enables you to generate innovative investment ideas, perform research, construct portfolios, execute trades, analyze performance, and manage risk across the front, middle, and back office. Whether you need to source unique content, monitor markets, create orders, store and retrieve internal research, or power your proprietary research models, FactSet has the tools you need to drive productivity and performance.

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    Perform Strategic and Tactical Global Market Research

    Find untapped alpha in unique data via data feeds.

    FactSet’s unique datasets are backed by best-in-class data governance. This data can reveal interconnecting business relationships, business performance and market indicators, sources of risk, and areas ripe for new investment opportunities. View equities ownership content, such as top buyers and sellers; uncover a company’s key relationships with suppliers, partners, and competitors; and analyze geographic revenue exposure. Data feeds are available through our software package or via our Open:FactSet marketplace.  Whether you need market, company, or alternative data, FactSet can deliver data to your applications, web portals, and statistical packages through APIs or via standard data feeds. Build financial models and power customized applications with FactSet APIs in our developer portal.

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    Unique Data
    risk and performance analysis across multiple asset classes-v2 copy

    Risk and performance analysis across multiple asset classes.

    Make informed investment decisions and gain transparency into your true risk exposure with FactSet’s tools for multi-asset class portfolio analysis. Integrate these tools to analyze exposures and decompose performance on an absolute basis or relative to a market index. Leverage FactSet’s multi-asset class risk model to calculate risk using various methodologies, such as Monte Carlo and historical simulation. Apply custom factor shocks or market scenarios to your strategy using a variety of risk models.

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    Risk Analysis
    optimize your internal research process

    Optimize your internal research process.

    Enhance communication across your firm by aggregating research in a central location, making it faster and easier to store, retrieve, track, and share notes and ideas. Maintain continuity and safeguard your firm’s research even in the face of turnover and stay compliance-ready with the ability to provide both regulators and investors transparency into your research process.

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    Optimize Internal Research
    access real-time market news

    Access real-time market news with FactSet StreetAccount.

    Gain instant access to relevant, real-time news about the companies and markets you care about with FactSet StreetAccount. StreetAccount scans a wide variety of legitimate news sources to provide comprehensive coverage on global economies and markets. News and commentary are summarized in short bullet points to concisely convey key facts and important information. Filter stories by company, portfolio, index, keyword, or date range, and create alerts to notify you via the FactSet workstation or your mobile device when a story matches your criteria.

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    Real-Time News
    trade at scale with automated trading

    Trade at scale with automated trading.

    Create orders and execute multi-asset class trades in FactSet’s Order Management (OMS) and Execution Management (EMS) Systems. Trade at market speed with rules-based automation that simplifies the execution of straightforward, uncomplicated trades and allows your team to focus on more difficult or sensitive orders. Further scale your team with an EMS that leverages machine learning to monitor order trends and adjust trading strategies accordingly.

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    Execute Trades

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