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Identify competitors and acquisition targets, find new lines of business, and uncover sources of risk to your company’s financial well-being.


Power your corporate development, M&A, strategy, treasury, financial planning and analysis, and investor relations workflows with the market intelligence you need to understand your industry. FactSet’s Corporate Solutions provide quick, intuitive access to the information you need for competitive intelligence, researching new lines of business, identifying business risks, and monitoring breaking news related to your company and industry.

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    Award-winning corporate solutions

    corporations find merger and acquisition targets

    Find merger and acquisition targets.

    Use FactSet Screening to find your next M&A target, leveraging our extensive global public and private company database.  Search across subsets of completed, pending, cancelled, and potential M&A transactions for valuations, disclosed fees, and deal characteristics such as price, location, and industry. Analyze hypothetical merger scenarios with FactSet’s deal simulator and gain immediate visibility into the outcome of potential M&A deals, scrutinizing revenue impact across various regions, industries, and sub-industries.

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    M&A Targets
    corporations access real-time news and intelligence

    Access real-time news and intelligence.

    Get the latest financial information on companies and markets all over the world with FactSet StreetAccount. Known for timely and informative news summaries, earnings previews, recaps, and post-event analyst commentary, StreetAccount news and commentary is written in short bullet points that concisely highlight key facts and important information. Receive real-time news updates through the FactSet workstation or on your mobile device. 

    Uncover relevant insights and generate investment ideas from unstructured data with our AI-powered document smart search tool. Easily search for keywords and phrases across original source documents including news stories, filings, research reports, press releases, transcripts, and more. Utilize interactive charts to analyze and further refine your queries quickly and efficiently.

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    Real-Time News
    corporations uncover company risk relationships and classification

    Uncover company risk, relationships, and classification.

    Gain unprecedented visibility into what companies really do, where their risks lie, and other organizations to which they are connected. FactSet’s proprietary classification system allows you to see over 9,000 companies’ primary and ancillary lines of business with up to three times the depth found in conventional industry classification systems. Understand the geographic footprint of a company based on sources of revenue versus country of domicile and investigate its true exposure to geopolitical, macroeconomic, and market risks with FactSet GeoRev. With FactSet supply chain relationship data, you can access the complex networks of companies’ key customers, suppliers, competitors, and strategic partners.

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    Company Data
    corporations build dynamic models and presentations

    Build dynamic models and presentations.

    Create custom financial models and presentations with FactSet’s tools for Microsoft Office. With FactSet’s customized style sets and presentation templates, you can include tombstones, custom shapes, logos, chart formats, and tables of contents that match your company’s branding. Easily connect and update FactSet data in charts and tables in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Incorporate data from external sources by importing content from HTML or PDF documents directly into your models while preserving links to the original files.

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    Models & Presentations
    corporations analyze private company data

    Analyze private company data.

    Analyze private companies worldwide with more than 40 private company data items, including rounds or securities invested, management and board members, financial data, and employee counts. Discover details on millions of private companies, including SEC filings, public debt held, and companies involved in M&A transactions. FactSet’s extensive database of private company data also includes business descriptions, company contacts, industry data, management and board information, financials, and M&A transactions, while our entity maps provide links to subsidiaries and parents of private companies.

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    Private Company Data

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