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Identify investment opportunities and analyze the effects of asset allocation adjustments.

Data, Analytics, and Research Management to Power Your Investment Process

Enhance every stage of your plan sponsor, pension fund, sovereign wealth fund, or superannuation workflow with an all-in-one solution that combines multi-asset class portfolio analytics with robust research management tools. Easily identify new investments and evaluate the impact of proposed adjustments on your plan’s asset allocation, direct investments, and investments in external managers.

Asset Owners


    Download our eBook, Demystifying Fixed Income Attribution, One Strategy at a Time, to get a variety of fixed-income strategies you can use to improve attribution analysis, including core investment grade, high yield, emerging markets, liability-driven investment (LDI), and multi-asset.

    Award-winning Asset Owner solutions

    Perform Strategic and Tactical Global Market Research

    Perform strategic and tactical global market research.

    Ensure a thorough understanding of global economic intelligence with data and tools designed to help you analyze complex relationships and interpret macroeconomic data. Leverage FactSet’s vast economic, fixed income, ESG, and private equity datasets. Monitor the performance and characteristics of any asset class on both a current and historical basis. Track every important economic event on the horizon and dig deep into market-moving news with streamlined market summaries and macro news coverage.

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    Macroeconomic Intelligence
    Power Your Workflow with Robust, Accurate Data

    Power your workflow with robust, accurate data.

    Combine your proprietary holdings or manager-supplied data with FactSet’s unique content and third-party datasets. Gain access to the industry’s broadest selection of benchmark data and FactSet’s proprietary multi-asset class risk model, as well as models from third-party providers. Integrate portfolio information from any third-party source or FactSet’s manager holdings database or request direct feeds from external managers via the FactSet Investor Network. Leverage FactSet’s innovative portfolio reconciliation and remediation service to ensure secure, accurate, and consistent portfolio data.

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    Comprehensive Data
    Understand Your Plan’s Performance, Exposure, and Risk

    Understand your plan’s performance, exposure, and risk.

    Gain a full, transparent view of risk distribution at the portfolio, group, factor, and asset levels. Evaluate asset allocation and manager selection decisions as well as the impact of manager fees. Confidently dissect a manager’s allocation and risk exposures and their effects on the performance of an individual portfolio or the entire plan. Analyze the risk of your alternative investments including real assets, hedge funds, and private equity and apply custom factor shocks to forecast portfolio performance.

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    Risk Analysis
    Gain a Holistic View of New and Existing Managers

    Gain a holistic view of new and existing managers.

    Identify new investment opportunities based on both qualitative and quantitative factors and access a consolidated view of your existing managers. View performance, composition, characteristics, and risk in custom reports to understand how a manager’s allocation decision affects the performance of an individual portfolio or the entire composite. Search for fund managers that meet your qualitative or quantitative criteria.

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    Manager Due Diligence
    Standardize Your Due Diligence Process

    Standardize your due diligence process.

    Gain a centralized research repository that facilitates communication and gives users across your firm easy access to internal research, notes, and manager ratings. Build repeatable workflows for onboarding managers and document ongoing due diligence for every manager. Automatically categorize and generate tasks based on incoming documents from managers and prospects.

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    Transparent Research Management

    Gain an enterprise data management solution.

    Take ownership of your data management and support investment decision-making with Matrix Investment Data Management’s turnkey FactSet integration. Leverage the industry’s leading agile cloud-based enterprise data management solution, designed specifically for global asset owners and fund managers. Together, FactSet and Matrix deliver unparalleled look-through and rebalancing abilities alongside sophisticated asset allocation and exposure management. Access enhanced investment and product intelligence through elevated data management.

    Enterprise Data Management

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