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With unparalleled data and robust analytics, quantitative teams can discover, develop, and implement innovative strategies without the burden of manual alignment or data maintenance.

quantitative analysts find and capture alpha
Quantitative Analysts


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    Award-winning data solutions

    create better models

    Create better models.

    Set yourself apart with strategies developed from comprehensive market coverage and unique industry data. FactSet’s sophisticated portfolio and quantitative research tools can pull in data from thousands of benchmarks, estimates, macroeconomic time series, and exchange-traded funds. Find untapped opportunity in one-of-a-kind content like geographic revenue exposure and supply chain shipping data, whether you use the data within FactSet applications or feed it into your own systems. Explore and evaluate new ideas from our Open:FactSet data marketplace within the cloud in a fully hosted environment that includes industry-standard databases, programming languages like Python and R, and data visualization tools. Easily implement your content into a secure instance of your database or download content as if the server is on your own network, while reducing hardware costs and maintenance.

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    Sophisticated Analytics
    speed time to production

    Speed time to production.

    Go from idea generation to backtesting and analysis to market faster with flexible, powerful research tools. Test models in any market, across any time period, across hundreds of factors. Focus on the real drivers of performance by neutralizing factors so you can quickly find shortcomings, uncover bias, and test suitability to go from model to production. Integrate multi-asset class and multi-currencies without sacrificing analytic capabilities.

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    Faster Time to Market
    quantitative analysts stop maintaining disparate data

    Stop maintaining disparate data.

    FactSet lets you focus on your ideas, not on manual tasks like aligning multiple frequency databases or mapping GICS sectors in spreadsheets. Because FactSet offers end-to-end data and analytics for quantitative research, you won’t have to spend resources rebuilding or aligning disparate data sets. We give you the data you need within FactSet applications or through flexible data feeds with entity data management already built in.

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    Concordant Data
    automate your research workflow

    Automate your research workflow.

    Save time with scheduled tasks and automated calculations that run at specified times and frequencies. Easily build presentation-ready reports that combine risk and performance analytics, and batch reports for all your portfolios. Add links to Microsoft Excel or fully integrated statistical packages that dynamically pull results from your models so your documents are always up-to-date.

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