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Models and Presentations

Quickly create and update data, charts, and presentations in Microsoft Office.

Build models with one-click access to calculations and source documents

When you need to create custom financial models and presentations, FactSet’s tools for Microsoft Office enable you to connect charts and tables in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook to FactSet’s data so you can save time, enforce brand standards, and increase transparency.


Models and Presentations
    build dynamic tables and charts

    Build dynamic tables and charts.

    Create tables and charts with the level of customization you need. For basic reporting, select from a library of over 100 templates of the most common reports. For advanced reporting, create flexible tables and charts in Excel directly from FactSet data with a wizard-style report builder requiring no coding skill. Template management tools help you easily edit, duplicate, share reports., or create custom reports with just the FactSet data you want.

    Dynamic Reports


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    automate repetitive formatting and auditing tasks

    Automate repetitive formatting and auditing tasks.

    With FactSet’s Office productivity tools, you can sync information and automate repetitive tasks so you can focus on strategic investment analysis. Bring transparent, refreshable FactSet data into Excel, Word, and PowerPoint without leaving Microsoft Office. You can also link data between different Office programs so you don’t have to update the same data in multiple places or worry about inconsistencies within a pitchbook or research report.

    increase transparency and simplify auditing

    Increase transparency and simplify auditing.

    Check a colleague’s work or determine the ramifications of data changes. With direct links to the original source of information, you can easily determine the origin and accuracy of data in Office applications.

    With smart precedents and smart dependents, you can highlight data that would change if a given cell were adjusted. Export content from HTML or PDF documents directly into your models while preserving links to the original files, allowing others to see where information was obtained. FactSet's sidebar tool for Outlook shows key market data alongside your email, bringing FactSet’s data and transparency to your inbox.

    sync your calendar with company events

    Sync your calendar with company events.

    With Outlook integration, you can synchronize financial earnings and event calendars with your Outlook calendar so you never miss an earnings report or any company event.

    Event Tracking
    create and share internal research

    Create and share internal research.

    Outlook Sidebar lets you create research notes from FactSet data directly in email and share them with your colleagues. You can also keep track of meetings related to investment decisions for compliance or compensation purposes.

    Research Distribution
    enforce brand standards with FactSet's customized style sets and presentation templates

    Enforce brand standards.

    With FactSet’s customized style sets and presentation templates, you can include tombstones, custom shapes, logos, chart formats, and tables of contents that match your firm’s branding. Refreshable, presentation-ready graphs tied to market data are automatically built to match your styles so you don't spend time formatting.

    Custom Branding

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