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Integrate ESG into your portfolio construction, risk management, and multi-asset class reporting with ESG data, research, and analytics for all phases of the portfolio lifecycle.

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Power your sustainable investment workflow with a comprehensive combination of ESG data, sophisticated analytics, and advanced technology. Satisfy the exploding demand for sustainable investment products, identify material risks, and integrate ESG into all phases of the investment process with FactSet’s ESG investing solutions.



ESG Investing Solutions

    Easily integrate ESG content your way.

    FactSets ESG solutions are fully configurable and accessible through a workstation, data feeds, APIs, and more, so you can evaluate sustainable investing and material risks on your terms. Global, connected, and constantly updated data from FactSet and third-party providers can be deployed to your infrastructure and workflows to ensure continuity across all teams.

    Seamless Data Integration

    Dynamic Materiality: Measuring What Matters

    Discover the concept of a unique materiality signature for companies, industries, and sectors.


    Harness advanced technology to uncover hidden ESG insights.

    Leverage the power of new technology and gain an objective view on company ESG performance with data mined from over 100,000 sources. Find opportunities that others miss and quickly review the most important and material ESG events. Create your own composite scores and develop a differentiated offering by connecting Truvalue Labs’ scores with data from leading third-party ESG providers in the workstation and the Open:FactSet Marketplace

    Advanced Technology
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    Optimize your workflows throughout the entire investment process.

    Fuel your portfolio with in-depth ESG analysis and research, fully customized to your workflow. Build, test, and enhance your investment strategies to meet the expectations of an evolving market. Develop proprietary ESG scores with commentary based on your coverage universe and top sustainable investment themes. Leverage our trusted market expertise and flexible integration for compelling reporting that works at the speed and scale of your investment goals.

    Optimized ESG Workflows
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    Measure impact and demonstrate how your portfolio is aligned to the SDGs.

    Measure, manage, and report on the impact of your portfolio companies. Conduct a holistic Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) assessment with the combined power of an “outside-in” stakeholder lens via Truvalue data and detailed revenue information. Streamline your reporting with extensive datasets that offer 13+ years of scores and events. Gain an unparalleled level of precision and granularity when reporting on revenue exposure to products and services that align with the SDGs. 

    SDG Portfolio Impact
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    Meet rapidly evolving regulatory requirements.

    ESG Regulation is evolving rapidly and shifting ESG reporting from voluntary to mandatory. The Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) has introduced detailed rules for how investment managers need to disclose sustainability. Simplify your compliance with new and other developing regulations using our comprehensive collection of proprietary and third-party ESG data, powerful portfolio analytics, and efficient reporting tools, along with our knowledgeable team of regulatory experts.

    Learn more about our SFDR solutions or view a rundown of the latest compliance and regulatory news

    SFDR Regulatory Reporting

    Keep pace with emerging ESG trends with groundbreaking research from FactSet and world-class academic leaders.

    Gain a partner with an unwavering commitment to providing cutting-edge ESG research. Explore new ESG topics and concepts with access to new research briefs and white papers from our award-winning ESG research team. Explore research from our ESG Academic Network comprised of more than 50 leading academic institutions across the globe.

    Explore Academic Research: 

    Award-Winning Research

    Access smarter data, connected. Explore our growing list of ESG data feeds, APIs, and solutions on the Open:FactSet Marketplace.

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