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Collect, share, and manage valuable customer insights to accelerate leads and understand clients in a whole new way.


Strengthen your CRM platform with solutions that enable you to stay up-to-date with existing clients and identify new opportunities. Benefit from FactSet content delivered directly to you in your CRM environment through managed applications, APIs, and data feeds. Reinforce CRM as the source of truth when it comes to client relationships, taking advantage of FactSet’s integration into Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

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CRM Solutions

    Enrich CRM records with trusted comprehensive coverage.

    Generate in-context analysis and insight to increase efficiency with access to FactSet’s detailed business descriptions, classifications, and financials for more than six million companies within your CRM environment. Access current contract information, education and employment profiles, and board membership details on over four million industry professionals. Gain a thorough perspective on supply-chain relationships and take advantage of FactSet’s diverse coverage including company operations, hierarchies, trade names, and multi-sector competitors.

    Enrich CRM Records


    Don't miss our unique commentary like our weekly Earnings Insight, ETF fund flows, deep dives into performance and fixed-income analysis, and more.


    Maximize workflows with reliable data integration.

    Access deep content coverage within your CRM. Prioritize important accounts with quick access to relevant FactSet content, recent events, market-moving news from StreetAccount, and FactSet Signals. Gain additional context on each customer and use that data to have value-add conversations in client meetings. Get a cohesive view of your customers and drive personalized experiences with standardized data that can be ingested easily and efficiently.
    Maximize Workflows

    Clean data with automated entity linking.

    Enhance your CRM data management workflow with FactSet’s automated data cleansing and connectivity processes. Remove duplicate data, eliminate stale content, and link client records to FactSet identifiers for consolidated, precise insight into your customers. Provide internal teams with the best company data, market research, and contact details to take their everyday workflow to the next level.

    Clean Data

    Leverage flexible and scalable data delivery systems.

    Choose from a robust suite of data delivery options to incorporate crucial CRM insights into multiple websites, internal portals, and mobile applications. Take advantage of the breadth of content offered via FactSet’s standard, on-demand, and real-time data feeds to build a comprehensive solution that meets your needs. Build a more custom integration with additional plug-ins and APIs or access up-to-date company information via interactive reports sourced directly from FactSet’s flagship Workstation product.

    Flexible Data Delivery

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