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Unique data and expertise to help you create innovative indices and passive investment products.

Benchmark and capture the markets you need

Leveraging our knowledge and data around the connections between companies, markets, and the economy, FactSet Index Solutions provides original, systematic, and custom indexes. Our original indexes let institutional investors, asset managers, and ETF issuers appropriately benchmark investment performance and develop unique ETFs and passive investment products.

Creating original ETFs, thematic indexes, and other investment products for new areas of the market requires unique data and the ability to organize and connect it in a way that allows you to draw insight.

Over the past decade, FactSet has collaborated on and co-developed some of the most novel indexes with top indexers such as S&P Dow Jones, FTSE Russell, STOXX, NYSE and NASDAQ, spanning product areas of smart-beta, ESG, and thematic indexes.

View methodology guides and composition reports for FactSet branded indexes.

Custom indexes backed by extensive expertise and data

Client-centric design

Every index is tailor-made to distill your objectives and mandates into a transparent, rules-based, and differentiated strategy.

First to market

We create agile, rapid, and iterative prototypes to help you launch your product first.

Flexible collaboration

We work with everyone from ETF issuers with trillions of assets to startups filing for their first fund. Whether you need a specific set of data or a full-blown index, we will craft a solution that best aligns our value with your commercial interests.

Established credibility

Our innovative indexes have powered ETFs from four of the top 10 issuers by asset, including BlackRock, State Street, Invesco, and First Trust.

Comprehensive and proprietary content

FactSet's one-of-a-kind fundamental and alternative datasets such as supply chain relationships, granular industry classifications, and geographic revenue exposure offer essential inputs for constructing differentiated indexes.

Detailed business relationship data

We map supply chain relationships across companies globally in 13 categories, including customers, suppliers, competitors, and strategic partners.

Precise company classification

Our in-depth business industry classifications system provides a comprehensive, dynamic, and structured taxonomy with over 2,000 industry levels designed to offer unmatched precision in company classification.

Company revenue exposure by geography

Geographic revenue data provides a normalized and multi-dimensional capture of companies’ revenues by geography down to the country level, not simply country of domicile.

FactSet enables us to build custom indices for our research team and portfolio managers to use internally. After the indices are validated, it’s possible to download them to the benchmark data feed.

Laurent Cohen, Head of Data Management, Amundi Asset Management

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