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Extract and load predefined data through multiple delivery methods.


Integrate the data you need with your applications, web portals, and statistical packages. Whether you need market, company, or alternative data, FactSet flexible data delivery services give you normalized data through APIs and a direct delivery of local copies of standard data feeds. Our unique symbology links and aggregates a variety of content sources to ensure consistency, transparency, and data integrity across your business. Build financial models and power customized applications with FactSet APIs in our developer portal

Receive data directly into your data warehouse with FactSet standard datafeeds. Choose full copies of FactSet or leading provider content sets to load into a local or cloud-hosted relational database where they can be seamlessly queried and consumed by other applications, quant models, or internal systems.

Discover more than 20 specialty datasets from FactSet and other data providers in flexible delivery formats through our Open:FactSet data marketplace. Evaluate financial data in a cloud-hosted environment with Snowflake, or leverage your existing infrastructure to interact with the data locally with Data Exploration. Implement your content into a secure instance of your database or download content as if the server is on your own network, while reducing hardware costs and maintenance through Managed Database Service.

Build financial models or power applications with FactSet APIs that contain normalized, real-time market data from more than 80 global exchanges. Stream data for every tick on listed exchanges through our unfiltered broadcast feed or focus only on the ticks you care about with a custom watchlist feed. Access data to power your trade order management systems, execution management systems, web portals, portfolio applications, and other solutions.

Consume global equity and fixed-income benchmarks in applications such as trading platforms and performance systems. This data includes historical updates, benchmark family specific files, and added quality assurance checks.

Ensure data consistency, transparency, and integrity across your business

Data connections across identifiers

Our entity-centric data model allows you to connect FactSet permanent identifiers, which are mapped to market identifiers, to an industry-leading entity structure. We expose parent and ultimate parent hierarchical relationships so you get the most accurate view of your data.

Fast data extraction and loading

Our data feed loader makes it easy to integrate data feeds by handling both initial database setup and the ongoing processing of data files, including schema administration, HTTPS connectivity, data retrieval, update sequencing, and error recovery.

Support for multiple formats

API access is available for Python, C++, .NET, Java, and other leading programming languages.

Flexible data delivery in multiple formats

Retrieve data via FactSet’s web service technology in a normalized XML, HTML, or CSV.

Connections to leading statistical packages

FactSet integrates with MATLAB® from MATHWORKS®, R Project, and SAS® for statistical computing allowing you to spend less time aggregating information and more time performing analysis.

Expert support

Our team of experienced database engineers and quality assurance staff offers continuous support from technical and content questions to additions or modifications to your feed. We also provide comprehensive user guides, methodology manuals, sample files, and feed definitions.

Seamless reporting

Embed pre-defined reports via iframes directly into your applications.

Integrating the firm’s desired data sets took less than 24 hours, dramatically expanding the pricing, consensus, and broker-level estimates available to the research team overnight.

See how an investment manager automated data integration and connectivity to become more efficient.

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