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Wealth Managers

Wealth Managers

Advise with Distinction

FactSet's all-in-one wealth management software enables you to demonstrate your value to clients while protecting and growing their assets with portfolio analytics, multi-asset class research, global market analysis, and the ability to create tailored digital investment solutions.

Monitor and Manage Your Clients’ Portfolios

Whether you’re at your desk or on the road, view your clients’ daily portfolio holdings alongside model portfolios and benchmarks to measure portfolio composition, performance, exposures, and characteristics. Easily create composites of underlying client accounts to monitor and report on the entire client relationship.

Improve Access to Internal Research

Enhance collaboration with your internal research team by leveraging our centralized research repository and communication tool. Easily view your firm’s internal price targets and recommendations, and display this information within portfolio monitors, quote boxes, and charts.

Uncover Hidden Opportunities with Unique Data

FactSet’s standard and alternative data spark new ideas that you can trace through supply chains, political dependencies, and emerging trends to find the most promising opportunities.

Enhance Reporting and Streamline Client Communication

Prepare client-friendly reports to show performance, characteristics, and composition of individual accounts as well as overall client relationships. Uncover sector and asset class exposures by expanding your clients’ mutual fund and ETF holdings into their respective underlying constituents.

Digital Solutions that Modernize Your Investment Process

Leverage our intelligent cloud-based platform to combine client insights, market information, and event data to fuel your web portals and mobile devices with personalized digital engagements. With your own 24/7 client portals, you can activate a bigger book of business, reduce the administrative and compliance burdens of customer-facing staff, and modernize your data infrastructure to launch your own personalized services.

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