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Reach Your Clients Faster

  • Disseminate research efficiently
  • Differentiate yourself with the best ideas
  • Manage client relationships

From performing market and sector analysis to researching institutional ownership data, FactSet helps you disseminate research efficiently. Stay one step ahead and gain an edge on what is likely to drive today’s market. Track breaking news and economic events, and perform detailed market and sector analysis, all in one place.

Monitor and measure the performance and accuracy of your analysts’ ratings and trade ideas. Contact the right clients fast with detailed holdings reports and buy-side contact information.

Get flow to your clients faster with alerts to notify you of when news or prices match your set criteria. Increase the value of your research data and investment ideas, and gain exposure to thousands of potential institutional clients when you disseminate only the best investment ideas.

FactSet News and Insight

Wage Growth Likely, Even as Jobs Shift from Manufacturing

With higher inflation expectations and tighter job markets, workers may just now be feeling confident about asking for raises.

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