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Asset Owners

Asset Owners

Enhance Every Stage of Your Workflow 

  • Identify and investigate new investments
  • Create optimal portfolios and simulate potential portfolio values
  • Evaluate the impact of proposed adjustments on your plan’s asset allocation, direct investments, and investments in external managers

FacSet’s solutions for asset owners are designed with robust, accurate data, powerful analytics, and an industry-leading research management platform to help you search for and investigate potential new managers, and evaluate the impact of proposed adjustments to the asset allocation of your plan.

Use FactSet’s powerful returns- and holdings- based analytics to easily identify new investment opportunities based on qualitative and quantitative factors, and access a comprehensive overview of your existing managers. Make more informed decisions with efficient and transparent research management processes. Dive into the risk of a multi-asset plan, analyze multiple scenarios to understand their impact on investment decisions, and use a Monte Carlo model to forecast potential portfolio returns.

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