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Plans and Pensions

Plans and Pensions

Direct Your Investment Plan in Sync

  • Use a single, consolidated solution
  • Efficiently search for new managers
  • Easily compare managers and benchmarks
  • View relevant reports easily with intuitive groupings

FactSet's solutions for fund managers are specifically designed for selecting, analyzing, and incorporating external managers into an overall plan. For both direct and indirect investments, you can aggregate portfolios, examine asset classes and styles, and analyze securities on a single platform.

Monitor manager performance, composition, fundamental tilts, and asset allocation in one place, and thoroughly investigate the effect of each of those elements on your strategy. FactSet lets you oversee external managers, construct portfolios internally, or use a combination of approaches in building an overall portfolio to maximize performance and evaluate risk.

FactSet News and Insight

Economic Forecasts for 2017 and Beyond

Webcast: Despite predicting an acceleration in global growth in 2017 and 2018, the OECD sees several risks hanging over the outlook.

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