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Investment Managers

Investment Managers

Outperform the Benchmark

  • Build, analyze, and optimize portfolios across asset classes
  • Efficiently find relevant news and information
  • Know what to buy, hold, or sell
  • Measure portfolio performance against the benchmark
  • See performance trends and assess risk

FactSet gives you the flexibility to evaluate performance according to your unique investment style, whether it includes fixed income, alternative assets, fund of funds, macro/asset allocation, a long/short strategy, or currency hedging.

Examine portfolio style, risk and return statistics, and peer group relative performance with FactSet’s returns-based tools. Understand the complete risk of your portfolio, and combine this information in automated period-end reports that reflect your corporate identity.

FactSet News and Insight

M&A Deal Activity Down For February, Spending Up

Consumer Durables, Non-Energy Minerals, Communications, and Government sectors saw the biggest activity increases.

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