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Gain In-Depth Intelligence

  • Track detailed industry-specific forward-looking estimates
  • Identify potential acquisition targets
  • Stay on top of key market developments
  • Gain access to critical sell-side research
  • Monitor peer financial performance

FactSet’s corporate solutions support four primary functions: investor relations, business development, corporate strategy, and treasury. Regardless of your specific role, FactSet helps you easily access the crucial information you need to understand a globally competitive industry marketplace.

Use sophisticated screening tools to identify potential acquisition targets and track historical deals. Easily monitor the institutional view of both your company and your peers at any given time. Manage the risks associated with currency and commodity fluctuations, as well as outstanding fixed income obligations and asset portfolios. FactSet’s powerful integration with Microsoft Excel allows you streamline your workflow, from monitoring sell-side analyst estimates, to modeling out prospective acquisition costs.

Leverage FactSet’s snapshot views for comprehensive access to global financial content, then dig deeper using FactSet’s company and industry reports for more detailed information. See product- and industry-level details, and easily review estimates for any time period you choose. Stay up-to-date on upcoming company events and conference calls with FactSet’s transcription services, and know the key developments in your industry with news summaries from FactSet StreetAccount.

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FactSet News and Insight

More S&P 500 Companies Seeing Negative Impact from FX Than Tariffs in Earnings Calls for Q2

While the majority of S&P 500 companies will report earnings results for Q2 2018 over the next few weeks, about 5% of the companies in the index (23 companies) had reported earnings results for the second quarter through July 12.

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