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Consultants and Advisors

Consultants and Advisors

Deliver More Value to Clients

  • Provide enhanced valuation and peer group analysis
  • Help clients identify growth opportunities
  • Address key operating issues
  • Impress clients with innovative analysis and insight

Engage your clients and anticipate their requests by diving deeper into the research process. FactSet’s specialty datasets and powerful analytics provide an unprecedented level of precision, helping consultants deliver superior analysis, insight, and recommendations to your clients.

Build better peer groups, and uncover potential opportunities and risks for your clients and your firm. With FactSet, you’ll see a complete picture of company, industry, and supply chain data, allowing you to thoroughly analyze performance across asset classes.

FactSet increases client productivity and supports digitization programs through its sophisticated entity data management framework, which can quickly and cost effectively link disparate enterprise data assets. Using this approach frees your clients to spend more time building their businesses and managing risk.

With FactSet, you gain a vendor with content collection and data quality assurance experience and a partner dedicated to facilitating your enhancement requests. You’ll also have the flexibility to either consume datasets in your current workflow tools, or view content within the FactSet workstation.

FactSet News and Insight

Mind Your Ps and Qs: Real World vs. Risk Neutral Probabilities

A look at the real world probabilities governing future economic scenarios and the risk-neutral probabilities used in derivative pricing and hedging.

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