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Buy-Side Traders

Buy-Side Traders

Make Executions Fast

  • Get ahead of the markets 
  • Easily customize your workspace
  • Be the eyes and ears of your portfolio managers
  • Gain access to FactSet's proprietary volume analytics
  • Take advantage of industry-leading support

FactSet puts you in control of your decisions. Stay up to date on the real-time news moving the market, and access distilled market summaries from StreetAccount news, all in a single interface. Enhance communication between you and the portfolio managers at your firm by keeping research efficient.

Use one view to track volume and liquidity. Make sense of the day’s trading activity so you’re prepared to make informed decisions. Understand the market conditions that support transactions and get the information to prove that your strategy will generate alpha.

Use sophisticated trade analytics to keep your strategies organized. Customize your FactSet workspace to your unique workflow, so you can execute orders seamlessly.

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FactSet News and Insight

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