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Buy-Side Traders

Buy-Side Traders

Make Executions Fast

Execute trades and access robust trade analytics, portfolio performance tools, global market data, and StreetAccount news in a single interface that enhances communication between you and the portfolio managers at your firm. FactSet puts you in control, so all of the information you need is exactly where you want it.

Strengthen Your Partnership with Portfolio Managers

Integrate portfolio, order, and execution management and benefit from FactSet’s dynamic import of portfolio holdings. Access all portfolio managers’ daily holdings and maintain a transparent view of performance down to the last basis point.

Access the News You Need

Uncover news and market insight relevant to your portfolio with access to hundreds of premier news sources, including StreetAccount. Enhance internal communication with real-time access to your research team’s outlook and sentiment updates, including analyst recommendations, price targets, and research notes—and bring it all to market, quickly, with FactSet’s trading solutions.

Gain Insight from Consolidated Market Intelligence

Build customized market summary reports with information sourced from market and economic data, news reports, broker research, events, and performance data. Select inputs relevant to your portfolio and watch lists, and receive beginning- and end-of-day overviews in your inbox.

Execute Trades with FactSet Execution Management System

FactSet’s fully integrated, multi-asset class execution management system (EMS) features optimized algorithm selection and automated trading.

  • Experience State-of-the-Art Artificial Intelligence - Leverage predictive analytics to determine the optimal execution strategy. With Alpha Pro, optimize algorithm selection based on your specific order trends and watch the EMS learn how to trade like you. 
  • Easily Automate Basic Trades - Employ rules-based automation to help your firm achieve performance at scale. Reduce the burden of managing straightforward, uncomplicated trades and empower your team to focus on more difficult, illiquid, or otherwise sensitive orders.
  • Improve Workflow Efficiency with Dynamic Visuals - Make better decisions faster with interactive visualizations. Access graphical representations of your blotter that update in real time as trades are executed. Interact directly with your custom graphs and charts to instantly change, cancel, or execute single or multiple orders.
  • Benefit from Seamless Integration - With full integration between your FactSet workstation and EMS, you can access FactSet’s robust market data, watch lists, portfolio-specific liquidity analysis, charting, StreetAccount news, morning reports, and other unique content. Strengthen the FactSet solutions currently deployed at your firm, including portfolio analysis, risk analytics, attribution, and more, with real-time trade data from the EMS.
  • Trading Powered by Portware Enterprise - FactSet EMS is built on the architecture of Portware Enterprise. With Portware Enterprise, enjoy dedicated support, customizable implementations, and bespoke workflows and integrations.
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