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Access Real-World Systems

  • Enhance practical lesson plans
  • Use FactSet in trading rooms
  • Use portfolio tools to manage student funds
  • Expand research capabilities in business libraries

Use the same tools trusted by investment professionals to monitor the global markets, public and private companies, and equity and fixed income assets in a single, intuitive interface. FactSet offers solutions for:


Provide students with current examples and projects to complement your lesson plans. From financial statement and investments, economics, fixed income and alternative investment courses, FactSet can supplement your teaching.

Trading Rooms

Gain insight on global markets, industries, and public and private companies to simulate all aspects of trading: total market analysis, company analysis, and security pricing analysis.

Student Managed Investment Funds

Access our portfolio analysis tool so participants within SMIFs will better learn from their decisions and discover how a different decision would have affected their equity portfolio.

Business Libraries

Create depth within your business libraries by adding access to over 15 unique datasets, including estimates, private company, PE/VC, and ownership.


Add value to your business libraries with access to over 25 extensive databases, including public and private company information, fixed income, economics, estimates, global filings, corporate governance, M&A, ownership, supply chain, and more.

Want to streamline data delivery? Our content can be delivered via feed, integrated directly into your statistical package, or leveraged via on-demand access to our program- and language-agnostic databases.

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FactSet News and Insight

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So far in 2018, as in 2017 and 2016, investors have been rewarding asset managers who offer rock-bottom costs, and punishing those who charge a premium.

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