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Solutions for Financial Professionals

Solutions for Financial Professionals

Insight and Context from a Trusted Partner

Whether you are a portfolio manager, head of performance and risk, trader, wealth manager, investment banker, head of client reporting, or research analyst, FactSet can help you stay ahead of global market trends, access extensive company and industry intelligence, and monitor performance with our leading desktop analytics, mobile applications, and comprehensive data feeds.

Get Curated Market News
Gain instant access to crucial intelligence with news from FactSet StreetAccount. Known for timely and informative news summaries, earnings previews, recaps, and post-event analyst commentary, StreetAccount provides you with an efficient method for managing news flow in an easy-to-read format.

Leverage Unique Content
Go beyond standard data and leverage FactSet’s global coverage and alternative data. Segment companies into precise categories according to primary focus using FactSet Revere Business Industry Classification System. Understand your portfolio’s true exposure to geopolitical risk, macroeconomic factors, and market conditions using FactSet GeoRev data, or uncover interconnected relationships within your stock portfolio that may impact overall performance using FactSet Supply Chain data.

Stay Informed on the Road
Remain connected while you’re away from your desk with FactSet’s robust mobile solutions. Stay on top of industry news and global market movements, access company analytics and internal research, and monitor performance and risk with as much depth as you do in the office.

Seamlessly Integrate Microsoft Office
Build dynamic presentations and board reports in Microsoft Office with refreshable market data combined with your proprietary content and your firm’s branding. Export and link models, text, tables, and charts from Excel to Word and PowerPoint, while maintaining one-click access to underlying calculations and source documents.

Improve Access to Internal Research
Enhance collaboration with your internal research team by leveraging our centralized research repository and communication tool that’s fully integrated throughout your research and performance reports. Easily view your firm’s internal price targets and recommendations within portfolio monitors, quote boxes, and charts.

Access Complete Multi-Asset Class Analytics
Leverage FactSet as your single portal for analyzing companies, fixed income instruments, fund analytics, economic content, and more. Screen across multiple security types, and leverage multifactor rankings and graphing to prioritize and analyze investment opportunities.

Enhance Reporting and Streamline Communication
Automate your reporting process by combining key portfolio analytics with your proprietary content in client-facing documents. Whether you want to create your own reports or have FactSet do it for you, you will gain access to a scalable, flexible solution, tailored to your firm’s preferred reporting method.

Support Regulatory Compliance
Ensure investment decisions are compliant with relevant regulatory bodies as well as with internal and external compliance mandates.

Manage Orders
Compile orders and ensure they are sent accurately and efficiently for execution. Teams can review trades, prices, commissions and charges, as well as monitor the matching life cycle status of transactions.

Execute Trades
Our fully customizable execution management system is designed to act as a central platform for the creation and execution of algorithmic trading strategies for global equities, futures, options, and foreign exchanges.


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