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FactSet’s Portfolio Vault has enabled this global asset manager to validate, store, and disseminate performance data more effectively than ever before.

Firm Type

Global Asset Management Firm

The Challenge

Provide accurate self-service historical performance data to an extended network of stakeholders within the firm  

FactSet Solution

Portfolio Vault

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The Challenge

Various teams within the firm needed on-demand access to accurate, high quality portfolio performance information.

At this global asset management firm, there is a team dedicated to managing the technical solutions for the firm’s attribution and performance processes. This department is also charged with redistributing this data to various groups across the firm, including the investment management team, the product team, and sales, all of whom have different requirements.

As the asset types under the firm’s management have evolved and expanded, new attribution needs, performance models, and factors are now included in the portfolio management process. During this evolution, this technical team has witnessed increased demand for both data and data transparency. For them, data governance is critical in providing accurate information to the team’s internal stakeholders.

In addition, users need the ability to access information quickly and they need it to be consistent. A performance analyst must have confidence that a report generated today yields the same analysis as a report generated two weeks ago. The team needed to replace the front office indicative tools with a true performance workflow, which starts with providing consistent truth in the numbers.

The Solution

Portfolio Vault provides a lockdown process that works seamlessly with FactSet’s award-winning performance analysis calculation engine, Portfolio Analysis.

Portfolio Analysis already gave this firm the ability to create the various performance models needed for the asset types it covers, including equities, fixed income, and funds of funds. But they also needed to perform governance on the data and lock down the information generated by the models.

The first step in building the solution was to set up the Portfolio Services workflow to run daily portfolio processes in Portfolio Analysis. Portfolio Services provided the data cleansing process required by the technical team, ensuring that the raw data undergoes an extensive validation process. During this process, failure alerts can trigger a recalculation or restatement of data on a specific portfolio.

Once the data has been approved, the results are sent to Portfolio Vault. Portfolio Vault provides the ability to store, validate, and lock performance and attribution data, solving a data persistence challenge for the firm. This ensures that the conclusions drawn from the data are both accurate and consistent.

While many teams within the company need performance information, not everyone needs the power of the Portfolio Analysis application. Portfolio Vault enables the performance team to gain quick access to the data they need, without having to wait for it to be calculated. In addition, because this firm was already using Portfolio Analysis, the implementation of Portfolio Services and Portfolio Vault was straightforward.

The Outcome

FactSet answered this firm’s need for a data governance solution, enabling them to provide teams across the firm with more information with greater transparency.

By harnessing the power of Portfolio Analysis and combining it with Portfolio Services and Portfolio Vault, the technical team can now provide accurate data to the rest of the firm. Reports can be generated more quickly and with high confidence. Because the solution has been tailored to meet the needs of each team of stakeholders, rapid deployment across the firm is now possible.

The process of implementing Portfolio Vault was highly collaborative, and a positive experience for this firm. FactSet worked closely with the technical team to understand their requirements and come up with the best solution for them, listening closely to their needs.

 Download the case study