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Transform the way you discover, evaluate, and act on opportunity with artificial intelligence capabilities such as machine learning and natural language processing.


Find alpha with FactSet’s cognitive computing technology that leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science. Benefit from enhanced datasets like shipping data and predictive insights such as shareholder activism vulnerability and equity financing prediction. FactSet delivers an improved customer experience with intelligent suggestions and personalization tools that gets the right information to you at the right time. FactSet’s machine learning services are delivered through APIs that will help you in your digital transformation journey.



Artificial Intelligence


    FactSet, in partnership with Forbes Insights, surveyed financial executives globally to better understand where firms are on their digital transformation journeys and how they’re leveraging next generation technologies and external partners. Download the research results in the eBook Transformative Technology: Exploring Innovation and Disruption in Financial Services.

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    Benefit from unique signals and predictive insights.

    FactSet’s cognitive computing technology uses machine learning to provide unique predictive insights for financial professionals in a variety of roles. These insights include predictions for companies that may be vulnerable to shareholder activism, or candidates for issuing secondary equity or new debt. FactSet’s High Impact Transcripts signal indicates the potential impact on a companys stock price after an earnings call. We are constantly expanding our suite of predictive signals.

    Signals & Predictive Insights

    Uncover trends and relationships in text with natural language processing services.

    FactSet’s natural language processing (NLP) capabilities enhance our core datasets by extracting and normalizing information from a broad range of financial documents. Our deep learning methods allow us to identify and tag important data and recognize related themes. Our Named Entity Recognition (NER) API addresses many financial use cases by detecting and linking entities such as companies, people, and drugs from unstructured text, while our Text Analytics service identifies phrases and related concepts. Our state-of-the-art language processing services extend to research, transcripts, news, filings, and websites.

    Natural Language Processing

    Experience smart search capabilities and intelligent user interfaces (UIs).

    Let machine learning suggest the most relevant content for you. Historical Tables provide instant access to prior period data for any table in a filings document. High Impact News identifies market-moving articles from FactSet StreetAccount in a headline or charting context, while smart search technology streamlines the search experience, ensuring you won’t miss out on timely and relevant information.

    Search & Personalization

    Accelerate your digital transformation with enhanced datasets and advanced process automation.

    Data plays a crucial role in your digital transformation efforts and that’s why it’s at the heart of everything we do at FactSet. Our machine learning services help to automate the data collection process while our modern enterprise data layer enriches all FactSet content including deep sector and private markets data.

    Process Automation

    Gain a competitive advantage from digital technology experts and AI thought leaders.

    Artificial intelligence is an important and key differentiator for FactSet. We’ve used machine learning technologies internally and externally for over a decade, so we know precisely how essential it is to accelerate your digital transformation initiatives. Our team of data science and machine learning experts includes graduates from the best programs who have obtained patents and contribute unique thought leadership content, commentary, and research to the FactSet Insight blog.

    Machine Learning Experts

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