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Added to Marketplace: September 12, 2020


Analyze the relationship between material government contract awards and subsequent sales surprise and stock price movements for companies involved in government contracting with our in-depth analysis of global government contracts.

Explore the alpha signal based on the correlation between forward-looking government receivables as a proxy of revenue prediction and stock returns for listed companies heavily involved in public procurement.

Base ESG investment decisions by developing of actual environmental ratings per ticker sourced from historical and day-to-day monitoring of environmentally responsible action ('green' contracts) awarded by the government via government contracts to listed companies.

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TenderAlpha by Bizportal is a global government contracts data product consisting of standardized information on approximately 80 million contract awards and the related private and public company data from more than 40 countries worldwide. It is the only global government contracting information product with 10 years of data history and various ongoing delivery options. The global government contract information product offers a wide variety of analytical applications by providing powerful revenue prediction and immediate award-triggered alpha signals for stocks of traditional government suppliers in addition to equity research and ESG/economic analysis implications on company/institutional/industry/regional level.

Firm Information is an open data mining and analytics provider focused primarily on collecting and processing global public procurement contract awards data. With government spending representing nearly 20% of worldwide GDP, public procurement is a significant piece of the global economy. Clients rely on BizPortal data for insights into macroecomic trends and public spending, company credit and risk analysis, as well as other sales and marketing related applications.

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