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REIT Climate Risk Scores

Data Feed by Four Twenty Seven

Added to Marketplace: May 27, 2020


Portfolio Managers: Enhance your portfolio construction and risk management processes with bottom-up views of how the exposure of REITs properties contributes to REIT-level risk.

REITs Managers: Analyze REIT climate risks in your current holdings and evaluate potential portfolio additions through the lens of climate change.

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Four Twenty Seven, in partnership with GeoPhy, provides forward-looking climate risk scores for over 300 global listed Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) based on the exposure of their 73,000 underlying assets. Scores for floods, hurricanes & typhoons, sea level rise, heat stress, water stress and wildfires (forthcoming) inform REITs investors' risk assessment and portfolio construction processes by bringing transparency on the key exposures that increasingly drive returns.

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Four Twenty Seven (, an affiliate of Moody’s, is a leading publisher and provider of data, market intelligence and analysis related to physical climate and environmental risks. Four Twenty Seven tackles physical risk head on with analytics that identify the exposure of any location in the world to climate change hazards such floods, sea level rise, hurricanes & typhoons, heat stress and water stress, which pose an immediate threat to investment and loan portfolios.

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