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Added to Marketplace: December 3, 2021


Make more informed decisions to mitigate risk by leveraging pharmaceutical data. Unlock the biotech and pharmaceutical R&D landscape to power predictive analytics with access to over 20 years of model-ready clinical trial data.

Assess pipeline strength and determine ability to win using point-in-time clinical trial data including more than 1,600 ticker symbols mapped to public companies in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.

Predict likelihood of success, timing, and value impact of company trials with our proprietary data elements for biomarkers, novel status, endpoints and mechanism of action to support your predictive analytics.

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Access over 100,000 biotech and pharmaceutical company R&D records sourced directly from the US clinical registry, augmented with Ozmosi's proprietary libraries and proven pharmaceutical industry expertise. The company universe includes 6,000+ companies with over 1,600 public companies mapped to ticker symbols. Utilize more than 10,000 product names across 4,400+ disease areas over the course of 20 years, including all point-in-time versions, to unlock the R&D landscape and drive predictions.

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Ozmosi is a consulting and data services company.

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