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Image PNG imagesp500changeQ3.png
Image PNG imagesp500change.png
S&P 500 Price and EPS Estimate Both Finish Down For Second Straight Quarter
Q3 marked the second consecutive quarter in which both the bottom-up EPS estimate and the value of the index fell during the course of the quarter.
FactSet StreetAccount Summary - Week Ahead: October 5-9
Ireland’s Path to Economic Recovery Has Been More Than Luck
Ireland has come a long way since the financial crisis with continuous GDP growth and is now the fastest growing economy in the EU.
Image PNG imageIreland GDP Growth
Image PNG imageIrish Government Debt
Image PNG imageIreland's Unemployment Rate
Image PNG imageIreland's Trade Partners
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The ABCs of Google’s Reorganization
Alphabet, Inc., a newly founded holding company for the Google group of businesses, has 289 entities.
Image PNG imageSP500EaringsGrowthQtrEnd.png
Will the S&P 500 Actually Report a Decline in Earnings for Q3 2015?
TheS&P 500 is projected to report a year-over-year decline in earnings of 5.5% for the third quarter.
Image PNG imagenegativementionsoncalls.png
What Factors Will S&P 500 Companies Cite as Negative Impacts on Q3 Earnings and Sales?
We searched for specific terms related to a number of factors in the conference call transcripts of the 23 S&P 500 companies that have conducted third quarter earnings conference calls through October 7.
Image PNG imageQ4EarningsGrowthRate.png
Year-Over-Year Earnings Decline (-0.4%) Now Projected for S&P 500 for Q4 2015
On June 30, the estimated earnings growth rate for Q4 2015 was 4.3%. Today, it stands at -0.4%.
FactSet StreetAccount Summary - Week Ahead: October 12-16
Webcast: Reach your Compliance Goals and Prepare for Future Regulations
In our latest Emerging Ideas webcast, we highlight compliance issues facing investors today.
Image PNG imageretailsubindustry.png
Have Analysts Revised Earnings Outlook for Other S&P 500 Retailers in 2016 Due to Wal-Mart?
The FY 2017 EPS estimate for Wal-Mart Stores has declined to $4.20 today from $4.72 last Friday.
FactSet StreetAccount Summary - Week Ahead: October 19-23
Can the Dutch Save ETF Trading?
We already use the single-exchange Dutch auction process throughout equities trading. So why not during a flash-crash?
Six Steps to Effective Analyst Performance Measurement
Our guide to quantifying the impact of research and gaining insights into the behavior, recommendations, and results of your firm’s analysts.
Image PNG imageFlashwire_US_M&A_10.2015
U.S. M&A Deal Activity Increased by 5.1%, and Private Equity Increseased by 18.5% in September
In September 3.2% more was spent on deals compared to August.
Image PNG imagePublic Buyer Index
FactSet StreetAccount Summary - Week Ahead: October 26-30
Image PNG imageEI_10.26.15_1.png
Image PNG imageEI_10.26.15_2.png
Ex-Apple, S&P 500 Tech Sector Expected to Report a Decline in Earnings for Q3
Image PNG imageEI_10.26.15_3.png
Image PNG imagedashboard.png
Image PNG imageAPMSnapshot_Lata.png
Image PNG imagecopy_of_APMSnapshot_Lata.png
Image PNG imagesp500EPSvsprice.png
Larger Cuts to S&P 500 Earnings Estimates Than Average for Q4 2015 to Date
How significant is a 2.4% decline in the bottom-up EPS estimate during the first month of the quarter? How does this decrease compare to recent quarters?
Image PNG imagebigdatasmartdata.png
Image PNG imagecopy_of_bigdatasmartdata.png
An Optimistic View on Regulatory Reporting
A new approach to locating and managing the data that is common to compliance with numerous new regulations.