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Access to more than 900 Economic reports now faster, more robust

May 28, 2015

FactSet’s new Economics tab includes more than 900 economic and country reports, which you can navigate via search or through five groups of reports.

Browse reports in these categories:

  1. Calendar: Access FactSet’s economic events calendar, featuring recent and upcoming releases of key economic indicators around the world. 
  2. Country/Region: Select a single country or region, and access hundreds of reports, including those for key indicators, economic indicators, source of capital, and more. 
  3. Comparison: Quickly access comparable data for key economic concepts across a large number of countries by leveraging data from FactSet's Standardized Economic Database. 
  4. Estimates: Review annual estimates for a number of key economic concepts for all available countries as provided by FactSet Economic Estimates. 
  5. Policy Rates: View current central bank monetary policy rates for countries around the world, with indicators for recent and upcoming changes.

To add the tab to your workspace, click the blue "Plus" icon. Then from the "Add Tabs to Workspace" window, click the green "Plus" icon next to Economics.

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