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Comply with FATCA’s global regulatory requirements with FactSet
Take advantage of FactSet as a single source for your regulatory reporting needs and alleviate the burden of managing multiple data sources.
Slow Down in Energy Sector Cuts Aids in Q2 Earnings Estimate Cuts
Analysts lowered earnings estimates for companies in the S&P 500 for the second quarter with the Q2 bottom-up EPS estimate dropping by 1.9%
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Image JPEG imageEI_5.1.15_pic2.jpg
Image JPEG imageEI_5.1.15_pic3.jpg
FactSet StreetAccount Summary - US Weekly Recap: Dow (0.31%), S&P (0.44%), Nasdaq (1.70%), Russell 2000 (3.11%)
FactSet StreetAccount Summary - US Week Ahead: May 4-8
(Re)location Matters: Would Relocation Put the H Back in HSBC?
And are we safe assuming a company to be just a product of its country of domicile?
Image PNG imageHSBCGeoRev.png
Image PNG imageBarclaysGeoRev.png
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Webcast: How to Effectively Manage Multi-Asset Class Risk
This Emerging Ideas webcast, featuring FactSet’s Multi-Asset Class risk model, helps you uncover a true picture of your portfolio’s risk.
Why Are Q1 Earnings for the S&P 500 Now Up Year-Over-Year?
This week marks the first time since January in which earnings for the first quarter reflect a year-over-year increase.
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Image PNG imageearningsinsight_5.8.15_part_1_pic2.png
Image PNG imageearnings_insight_5.8.15_part2_pic1.png
Large Upside Earnings Surprises vs. Lowered Estimates for the S&P 500
Are companies reporting large upside earnings surprises for Q1 in part because analysts lowered estimates by larger than average margins during the first quarter?
FactSet StreetAccount Summary - US Weekly Recap: Dow +0.93%, S&P +0.37%, Nasdaq (0.04%), Russell 2000 +0.56%
US equities finished mostly higher this week thanks to a big rally on Friday following the widely anticipated April employment report.
FactSet StreetAccount Summary - Week Ahead: May 11-15
Does ISS pull the strings in a proxy fight?
Activists and corporate targets seek out the endorsement of ISS, as it may be a deciding factor in close proxy contests.
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Reach a FactSet Consultant directly from FactSet Instant Messenger
Use FactSet Instant Messenger to gain 24/7 access to FactSet’s industry-leading support team
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Why Put off for 30 Years What You Can Spend Now? How Investment Advisors Can Help Young Clients See the Value in Retirement Planning
One of the hardest issues that investment advisors have to address is their clients’ natural tendencies to under-fund their retirement accounts.
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Image JPEG imageAssetAllocation_Pic3.docx.jpg
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FactSet StreetAccount Summary - US Weekly Recap: Dow +0.45%, S&P +0.31%, Nasdaq +0.89%, Russell 2000 +0.73%
FactSet StreetAccount Summary - Week Ahead: May 18-22
First quarter earnings volume sees a modest uptick dominated by retail and tech reporters. Retail expectations remain muted on weather related concerns and a sluggish demand environment.
The Eurozone Economy Picks up Speed, though Greece Remains Parked
Countries which suffered the most during the European debt crisis are doing quite well now, with the exception of Greece.
Image JPEG imageSentimentChart.jpg
Image JPEG imageGDPChart.jpg
Image JPEG imageUnemploymentChart.jpg
Top Hedge Fund Holdings, Top Buys and Sells, and Top New Position for Q1
The 50 largest hedge funds increased their equity exposure by 5.3% in Q1 2015.
Image JPEG imageHedgeFundTop20.jpg
Sales Weakness Hits More Dow 30 Companies in Europe in Q1
Of 12 Dow companies that provided revenue growth numbers for Europe, nine reported a year-over-year decline.
Image JPEG imageEI_Pic1.jpg
Image JPEG imageFlash_wire_5.22.15_Pic1.jpg
Image JPEG imageFlash_wire_5.22.15_Pic2.jpg
U.S. M&A Deal Activity Down 6.2%, Private Equity Down 17.0%
U.S. M&A news and trends from FactSet Mergers for May 2015.
Image JPEG imageFlash_wire_5.22.15_Pic3.jpg
FactSet StreetAccount Summary - US Weekly Recap: Dow (0.22%), S&P +0.16%, Nasdaq +0.81%, Russell 2000 +0.67%
FactSet StreetAccount Summary - Week Ahead: May 25-29
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Image JPEG imageMCD_pic2.jpg
Beyond regions: Breaking the geographic disclosure limits of annual filings
Broad, unstandardized geographic segment data can paint only a murky picture of exposure.
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Access to more than 900 Economic reports now faster, more robust
FactSet’s new Economics tab provides intuitive access to all of FactSet's economic and country reports.
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Energy Seeing Largest Upward Revisions to EPS Estimates to Date for Q2
The Q2 bottom-up EPS estimate for the Energy sector has increased by 7.1% since the start of the quarter.
Image PNG imageearningsinsight_5.29.15_Pic1.png
Image PNG imageearningsinsight_5.29.15_Pic2.png
Image PNG imageearningsinsight_5.29.15_Pic3.png
FactSet StreetAccount Summary - US Weekly Recap: Dow (1.21%), S&P (0.88%), Nasdaq (0.38%), Russell 2000 (0.45%)
FactSet StreetAccount Summary - Week Ahead: June 1-5