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Lowest Number of Companies Issuing Positive EPS Guidance Since 2006
For Q1 2015, 85 companies in the S&P 500 have issued negative EPS guidance and 16 companies have issued positive EPS guidance.
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Heinz and Kraft, a favorable food pairing?
With consumer’s tastes difficult to predict and organic trends on the rise, how successful can Kraft be globally?
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Are Industry Analysts bullish on S&P 500 Companies with less global exposure?
Plus: Why are analysts predicting a double-digit price increase for the Energy sector?
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Largest Cuts to S&P 500 Estimates since 2009 due to Energy Sector
How significant is an 8.2% decline in the bottom-up EPS estimate during a quarter?
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FactSet StreetAccount Summary - US Weekly Recap: Dow +0.29%, S&P +0.29%, Nasdaq (0.09%), Russell 2000 +1.23%
FactSet StreetAccount Summary - Week Ahead: April 6-10
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Are warming temps and cooling port issues enough to boost PMI?
What is behind recent weak numbers and are they reasons for concern for the U.S. economy?
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Build personalized market summary reports based on your portfolios
Market Intelligence is a real-time information publishing tool, customized by your inputs.
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Will the S&P 500 report a decline in earnings for Q1 2015?
As of today, the S&P 500 is projected to report a year-over-year decline in earnings of 4.8% for the first quarter.
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What factors will S&P 500 companies cite as negative impacts on Q1 Earnings and Sales?
We searched for specific terms related to a number of factors in the conference call transcripts of the 23 S&P 500 companies that have conducted first quarter earnings conference calls through April 9.
FactSet StreetAccount Summary - US Weekly Recap: Dow +1.66%, S&P +1.70%, Nasdaq +2.23%, Russell 2000 +0.73%
FactSet StreetAccount Summary - Week Ahead: April 13-17
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How an Exchange Hiccup Made Market Orders Even Worse
Quite a few ETFs traded wildly off of fair value – right at the close. So how was this possible?
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Party Like It's 1998: Shell-BG deal could lead a wave of M&A in energy industry
The general sentiment is that falling oil prices catalyze more M&A in the industry. Will it be a repeat of the late 90s?
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Winners of the FactSet and SumZero Top Idea Tournament: Best Large Cap
FactSet is proud to announce the winners of the Best Large Cap contest in the SumZero and FactSet Top Idea Tournament.
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Keep on top of Mutual Funds and ETFs with FactSet's New Ownership and Holdings reports
Maximize the scope and scale of your Mutual Fund and ETF research with FactSet’s updated Ownership and Holdings reports.
U.S. M&A deal activity up 5.1%, private equity activity up 5.0% in March
U.S. M&A news and trends from FactSet Mergers for April 2015.
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File PDF document2015 Sum Zero Winner first place: Short on RCL
File PDF documentSum Zero Winners 2nd place (Long on HTZ)
File PDF documentSum Zero Winners 3rd place (Long on KINVB)
How to Leverage the FactSet and Advent Partnership to Outperform
FactSet’s integration with Advent's software allows you to manage your portfolio from analysis to order execution.
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The Taxman Cometh: What was the Average Tax Bill for an S&P 500 Company This Year?
In terms of the S&P 500, what did the average company in the index pay in income taxes over the past year?
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StreetAccount Summary - US Weekly Recap: Dow (1.28%), S&P (0.99%), Nasdaq (1.28%), Russell 2000 (1.02%)
US equities finished mostly lower this week with the damage coming on Friday via a global risk-off trade that lacked a clear fundamental driver.
FactSet StreetAccount Summary - Week Ahead: April 20-24
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Oil Refiners Are Pumping Out Gains in the Energy Sector
Oil refiners within the Energy sector have been outperforming, despite the recent decline in oil prices.
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Use FactSet and MATLAB® to uncover which companies are suppliers to the U.S. government
Work with FactSet and MATLAB side-by-side to develop and implement financial models and analyze substantial volumes of data.
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For Q1, More than Half of S&P 500 Companies Have Reported Sales Below Estimates to Date
Plus, what to watch for in Apple's earnings release.
FactSet StreetAccount Summary - US Weekly Recap: Dow +1.42%, S&P +1.75%, Nasdaq +3.25%, Russell 2000 +1.25%
FactSet StreetAccount Summary - Week Ahead: April 27 - May 1