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Steady Improvement Projected for U.S. Homebuilders
Homebuilding analysts are projecting sliding sales trends to reverse in 2015.
FactSet StreetAccount Summary - Week Ahead: March 2-6
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Advanced search feature now available in Filings
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More Dow 30 Companies Reported Decline in Sales from Europe in Q4
Overall, 11 of the 30 companies in the DJIA provided revenue growth numbers for Europe for the fourth quarter.
FactSet StreetAccount Summary - US Weekly Recap: Dow (1.52%), S&P (1.58%), Nasdaq (0.73%), Russell 2000 (1.29%)
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Activism Vs Acquisition: Campaigns launched to resist the ultimate shake up
What happens when an activist looks to resist the ultimate shake-up and initiates a campaign against a merger or acquisition?
FactSet StreetAccount Summary - Week Ahead: March 9-13
Focused on revenue? Don't ignore debt.
Analyzing Source of Capital based on geographic exposure creates a new understanding of both market and liquidity risk.
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As the economy grows, so do large debt offerings
Last week, Actavis sold the second largest corporate bond offering in history. This massive debt issuance for Actavis is helping the generic drug company finance the acquisition of Allergan
Navigating Global Markets in 2015
Though periods of volatility may challenge investor resolve over the course of 2015, resilience will prevail thanks to a global growth story.
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Low oil prices put pressure on exporting countries
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Image PNG imageOilPrices.png
Image PNG imageSaudiArabiaandRussiaoilreserves.png
Image PNG imageRussiaGDP.png
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How will Apple impact expected earnings growth for the DJIA?
Also, have analysts revised their outlook given Apple's new products?
Image PNG imageEarnings3.15_pic2.png
FactSet StreetAccount Summary - US Weekly Recap: Dow (0.60%), S&P (0.86%), Nasdaq (1.13%), Russell 2000 +1.20%
FactSet StreetAccount Summary - Week Ahead: March 16-20
Is the IPO Market Dead?
IPO activity this year is well below the unrealistic pace of 2014. Is that reason to be worried?
Image PNG imageIPO bar chart_v3.jpg
Apple Largest Spender on Buybacks in S&P 500 during Q4
For the fourth quarter, aggregate spending on share buybacks by companies in the S&P 500 amounted to $125.8 billion.
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1,500 additional ETFs now available in FactSet Market Aggregates
1,500 additional ETFs are now available for broader analysis in FactSet Market Aggregates.
Dividend Growth Projected at 8.2%, Slowing in 2015
Analyst Project 8.2% growth in dividends per share over next 12 months.
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Image PNG imageDividend3_Yield.png
Image JPEG imageIPO bar chart_v2.jpg
Image JPEG imageIPOtable_v1.jpg
Cash Balances Hit New Record, Cap Ex Projected to Fall 3.4%
Cash and short-term investments in the S&P 500 (ex-Financials) settled at a balance of $1.43 trillion at the end of Q4.
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S&P 500 Companies With Higher Global Exposure to See Lower Growth in Q1?
Are companies in the S&P 500 with more global exposure expected to report weaker sales and earnings growth relative to companies in the index with less global exposure?
Image JPEG imageearnings_3.20.15_v1.jpg
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Image JPEG imageearnings_3.20.15_v3.jpg
FactSet StreetAccount Summary - Week Ahead: March 23-27
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Is Macerich's poison pill too bitter to swallow?
Macerich’s staggering of its board in response to a hostile bid is unprecedented in 12 years of FactSet hostile deal coverage.
Image JPEG imageMacerich_Corp_Gov_1.jpg
Image JPEG imagecopy_of_Macerich_Corp_Gov_1.jpg
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Image JPEG imageMacerich_Shark1.jpg
Keeping up with Compliant Benchmarks for Performance Attribution
FactSet’s Performance Attribution function lets you compare the performance of a portfolio relative to a benchmark
Image JPEG imagebenchmark index_v2.jpg
U.S. M&A deal activity down 5.7%, private equity activity up 10.1% in February
U.S. M&A news and trends from FactSet Mergers for March 2015
Image JPEG imagemamarketindex.jpg
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Image PNG imagegeorevstresstesting.png
Currency shocks can shock your performance
How exposure to the Eurozone could affect your portfolio in the event of a major currency shock.
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Image JPEG imagecopy_of_Macerich_pic2.jpg
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Has the Market Punished S&P 500 Companies with Higher Global Exposure?
Companies that generate more than 50% of sales inside the U.S. experienced an average price change of 1.5% versus -1.8% for companies that generate less than 50% of sales inside the U.S.
Image JPEG imageEarnings3.27_pic2.jpg
StreetAccount Summary - U.S. market recap: Dow +0.19%, S&P 500 +0.24%, Nasdaq +0.57%, Russell 2000 +0.68%
FactSet StreetAccount Summary - Week Ahead: March 30 - April 3
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