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New Corporate Actions report is now available in the Company/Security tab

Jan 30, 2015

FactSet's newly-designed Corporate Actions report offers a comprehensive view of global corporate actions data. This report provides thorough, accurate, and timely data in a simplified interface to help you monitor events that may impact a company's risk and exposure.

Features of this new report include:

  • Increased content offerings: Expand a row in the report to view full details on an event, including subscription periods, terms, and dollar amount raised.
  • Report filter: Filter on specific events, such as splits, dividends, spinoffs, rights issues, bonus issues, and symbol changes.
  • Column sort: Sort the report columns in ascending or descending order by double-clicking on any column header.
  • Options menu: Control various report settings, such as dates, columns, and price impact calculation.
  • Audit trail: Click any hyperlinked data item to audit and access more in-depth information on price or dividend history.
  • Interactive header: Use the header information along the top of the report to access additional information about the company, such as pending management changes and industry comparables. Click the issuer name to launch the Company Guide and Country Synopsis reports and view additional issuer details.


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