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Access five new tiles for private companies in Company Guide in FactSet or on your iPad

Nov 1, 2012

Expand your wealth of private company information with the addition of five new tiles in Company Guide. When you enter a private company identifier in Company Guide, a new slide deck will appear with the following tiles:

  • Profile: View industry-specific details, latest employee and sales figures, company address, and business description
  • Key Comps: Compare select financials of the target company with various peers
  • Deal Summary: Track M&A and equity deals
  • Financial Summary: View financial data, alongside ratio analysis
  • Management & Board: View information for key people at a firm

You can toggle seamlessly between public company- and private company-specific tiles in Company Guide by using Identifier Lookup or type-ahead functionality in the Identifier box.

Company Guide - Private Company Tiles

Some highlights of Company Guide include:

  • Tiles that update in seconds, providing you with the information that you need faster than ever
  • Multi-navigational links that guide you to next-step reports
  • Seamless integration between the FactSet workstation and iPad
  • Presentation-quality printouts


Company Guide is accessible in the FactSet workstation and on your iPad device. For questions about Company Guide or to learn how you can access Company Guide, contact FactSet Consulting Services or email

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