University Professors & Students

Enhance your curriculum with hands-on access to tools trusted by the world’s investment professionals.

Bring the Financial World's Best Tools to Your Classroom

Enhance your curriculum with hands-on access to the tools trusted by the world’s investment professionals. Monitor global markets, perform in-depth analysis, and develop investment strategies, so students are well prepared to enter the workplace post-graduation.

university professors and students bring the financial world's best tools to your classroom
University Professors and Students

    Award-winning academic solutions

    university professors and students elevate your lesson plan

    Elevate your lesson plan.

    Hands-on experience makes lessons more tangible. With FactSet, increase the impact of your lesson plans with powerful analytics and an extensive breadth of data that allow you to provide students with timely real-world examples and projects. FactSet's full suite of powerful tools allow you to lead students as they analyze public and private entities, perform in-depth research, screen for public and private companies, debt, and mutual fund holders and much more.

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    Real-World Curriculum


    Don't miss our unique commentary like our weekly Earnings Insight, ETF fund flows, deep dives into performance and fixed income analysis, and more.

    university professors and students simulate student managed investment funds

    Simulate student-managed investment funds.

    In addition to providing a powerful research platform for their independent use, FactSet gives you the tools to challenge your students to understand the impact of their investment decisions. Simulate trades before they are executed and view implications for style, fundamental characteristics, and weights. After the lesson, you'll have the tools to analyze composition, style, and characteristics for single or multiple portfolios, and create monthly and quarterly reports. 

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    Fund Simulation
    university professors and students support the pursuit of knowledge with a wider breadth of data

    Support the pursuit of knowledge with a wider breadth of data.

    Add value to your business libraries with access to over 25 extensive databases, including public and private company information, fixed income, economics, estimates, global filings, corporate governance, M&A, ownership, supply chain and more.

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    Broad Data
    depend on FactSet for ongoing implementation and support

    Depend on FactSet for ongoing implementation and support.

    Our experienced and dedicated client service team ensures a smooth and successful onboarding process. In addition to providing on-site training sessions, a dedicated Account Manager and Consultant will work directly with professors and staff to train users, assist on projects, help incorporate FactSet into lesson plans, and keep you informed of our latest enhancements. Comprehensive online learning tools are also available to assist you with getting up to speed at your own pace.

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    Industry-Leading Support

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    The best way to understand what makes FactSet different is to see it for yourself. We've worked with investment professionals for 40 years, so we understand your workflow and know precisely how to help. Talk to us about your challenges, and we’ll help you design the most effective solutions for your firm with everything you need — and not what you don’t.

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