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We know you're under constant pressure to find novel investment theories and publish volumes of research notes and reports. FactSet helps you save time and get back to speaking with clients and conducting proprietary research by making it easy for you to generate, test, and publish investment theories. With FactSet’s complete research solution, you can perform deep company and industry analysis, manage client relationships, and disseminate your research to a broad audience.

Sell-Side Research

    Award-winning sell-side research solutions

    Stay Ahead Market Trends and Events

    Stay ahead of trends and events.

    Get the latest financial information and spot trends in markets all over the world with real-time market news, summaries, and updates from many news sources covering global markets. With Microsoft Outlook integration, you can synchronize financial earnings and event calendars with your Outlook calendar, so you never miss an earnings report or any company event. Use FactSet to identify and research the stocks, bonds, and other instruments with the characteristics that meet your criteria. Easily build highly customized templates to track shifts in your sector’s fundamentals and identify relative valuation anomalies as they emerge.

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    Trends & Events
    find untapped investment opportunities

    Find untapped investment opportunities.

    Dig deep into company financials and industry fundamentals to uncover mispriced securities that lead to investment opportunities for your clients. Find comparable companies and determine potential revenue generated by region, industry, or sub-industry, with unique data sets like supply chain data. Assess public and private company financial strength with capital structure and debt financing data to identify which companies need to raise capital and which have extra cash on hand. See a macroeconomic view of industries and sub-industries, including key players, sales and earnings outlooks, EPS consensus estimates, price/earnings and other valuation metrics, historical revenue and earnings, commodity prices affecting the industry, and historical pricing and returns.

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    Public & Private Company Data


    Don't miss our unique commentary like our weekly Earnings Insight, ETF fund flows, deep dives into performance and fixed income analysis, and more.

    Uncover Market Anomalies

    Uncover market anomalies.

    Find the information that will help you become a recognized expert on your sector and compel clients to act on your findings and recommendations. Compare your forecasts with the consensus to figure out which of your high-conviction forecasts are truly non-consensus. Quickly integrate new information by exporting content from HTML or PDF documents directly into your Excel models. For a different view, visualize your ideas and our extensive data to find trends and spot discrepancies with FactSet charting tools.

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    Ideas & Models
    Compose, Publish, and Distribute Your Research

    Compose, publish, and distribute your research.

    Easily transition from research to publication and distribution with FactSet’s research publication and distribution tools. Gain greater control over data management, authoring, compliance, and distribution processes. Locate the institutional owners of the stock you are covering and quickly disseminate your research reports and notes to them and the greater financial community.

    FactSet's integrated suite of solutions helps you address MiFID II compliance in research unbundling. Permission only those clients that need to see your research with our entitlements system. Leverage readership data to measure and track research readership, which is increasingly important in the evolving regulatory environment.

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    Publication & Distribution

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    Join our community of more than 300,000 blog readers. Insight delivers unique commentary like our weekly Earnings Insight, ETF fund flows, M&A trends, and deep dives into performance and fixed income analysis that only FactSet can provide.

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