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Analyze, share, and execute investment ideas faster.

Actionable Insight to Power Your Decision Making

To find opportunity anywhere and act on openings faster takes data that goes beyond the conventional and an intelligent, predictive system that can help you go from decision to trade first. FactSet's portfolio management and trading solutions combine the best in OEMS with the unique company and portfolio insight only FactSet can provide to transform the way you discover, decide, and execute.

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Portfolio Managers

    Award-winning portfolio management solutions

    generate ideas as unique as your data

    Gain a performance advantage powered by real-time news and insights.

    Quickly review relevant, real-time insights about the companies and markets you care about, without the noise around the ones you don't. Review stories and summaries generated by industry professionals and pulled from global news sources. Rely on custom alerts, powerful filters, and scheduled overviews to ensure you're notified of relevant news as it happens.

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    News & Insight

    Demonstrating the Value of Active Management

    The rate of fund flows into passive investment options continues to accelerate. So what's an active manager to do? Download our eBook for exclusive insight into the models, strategies, and tools portfolio managers can use to demonstrate their value and effectively compete in an increasingly passive market.

    connect the front office with seamless integration and collaborative tools

    Connect the front office with seamless integration and collaborative tools.

    Get traders and portfolio managers on the same page with FactSet's turnkey integration of your firm's proprietary holdings, transactions, and analyst research with our content and expansive data sources. Rest assured that data and information is consistent and synchronized for users across your firm. Incorporate extensive benchmark data and global exchange indices, global news coverage, and other sources of critical information with our unique suite of applications, including our execution management system.

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    Connected Teams
    monitor global trends to find opportunity

    Leverage unique content to monitor macro and geopolitical trends.

    Differentiate your investment process with unique data that helps you stay ahead of market trends. Segment companies into highly specific, precise categories according to primary focus. Understand your portfolio’s true exposure to geopolitical risk, macroeconomic factors, and market conditions, or uncover interconnected relationships within your stock portfolio that may affect overall performance. FactSet’s global coverage and unique content takes you beyond the standard data sets to find an edge.

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    create and manage winning portfolios

    Harness powerful analytics to assess risk and performance and simulate trades.

    Understand risk performance at the total, sector, and security level, relative to a benchmark using FactSet’s cutting edge portfolio management platform. Gain a rich understanding of historical risk and performance with an industry-leading portfolio analytics that lets you simulate trade ideas, project the impact of future market events by defining stress tests and yield curve scenarios, and shock spreads over different horizons.

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    Optimized Portfolios
    leverage machine learning for best execution

    Engage machine capacity with human skill.

    Streamline your trading workflow with full integration between your FactSet applications and EMS. Complete the portfolio lifecycle with optimized algorithm selection and automated trading using FactSet’s trading solutions. Leverage predictive analytics to determine the optimal execution strategy for any order in any market environment, and determine the best approach to your execution plan to achieve quantifiable, measurable execution improvement. Model portfolios, simulate trades, identify outlying orders, and interact directly with robust visualizations to change, cancel, or execute multiple orders.

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    Machine Learning

    FactSet Insight

    Join our community of more than 300,000 blog readers. Insight delivers unique commentary like our weekly Earnings Insight, ETF fund flows, M&A trends, and deep dives into performance and fixed income analysis that only FactSet can provide.

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