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Gain access to data catalogs and tools that let you keep up with the evolving data landscape to generate new ideas and capitalize on unique data. Whether you need core content or alternative data, FactSet provides you with an ecosystem of integrated data and pre-connected tools to effectively test your best thinking, either on premise or in a cloud-hosted environment.

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    Benefit from unique, connected symbology.


    Today, the ability to extract meaning from disparate datasets is critical to your success. FactSet is a leader in data integration and our market-leading symbology gives you the power to leverage an extensive catalog of connected core and third-party content without worry.

    Offload the burden of screening, scrubbing, and connecting content to FactSet and gain access to a single point of access to harmonized data and tools needed to power your investment workflow. FactSet employs over 4,000 content collection employees and has a variety of processes for monitoring both qualitative and quantitative content sets to ensure the reliability of every dataset.

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    Connected Symbology

    Learn how your peers are using ESG

    Over the last decade, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investment strategies have become increasingly popular. In its 2018 biennial report, US SIF indicated that over 25% of professionally managed assets in the United States are handled with consideration for sustainable, responsible, and impact investing principles.

    In this webcast, FactSet and Truvalue Labs come together for a conversation about leveraging ESG data to find alpha.

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    Access comprehensive core data.

    With experience integrating more than four million client portfolios, 30+ datasets (including two dozen exclusive sets), and 850 third-party data providers, FactSet is an industry leader in acquiring, integrating, and managing critical financial data.

    For example, the XML Transcripts feed enables investment professionals to conduct natural language processing to determine sentiment and potentially identify previously unseen trends or opportunities to generate alpha.

    Our proprietary content includes financials, estimates, debt, ownership, and more.

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    Pre-linked third-party datasets.

    From ESG to Satellite and everything in between, FactSet continues to partner with a growing roster of new and novel data providers to help you identify and capitalize on any idea.

    With the Open:FactSet Marketplace you’ll gain access to data providers that have been vetted by and integrated with FactSet,  so you can seamlessly link our data feeds to your models, systems, and proprietary datasets, freeing your team to generate ideas.

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    Third-Party Data
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    Explore ideas without costly Infrastructure investment.

    Explore ideas without costly Infrastructure investment.

    FactSet gives you several ways to discover pre-linked, harmonized third-party data from impactful providers alongside our leading proprietary data feeds.

    FactSet Data Exploration on Microsoft Azure gives you instant access to alternative and financial datasets, plus the tools to build investment applications, in a fully hosted environment. Use pre-canned starter kits in various programming languages to easily start connecting and analyzing content set. Discover content from the Open:FactSet Marketplace, alongside programming (Microsoft SQL, RStudio, and Python) and data visualization (Tableau) tools, all in a single, cloud-hosted environment, reducing your investment in costly IT implementation and infrastructure.

    Additionally, Quantopian Enterprise provides you with all the tools you need to improve your data-driven investment strategies, simulate how strategies perform in the real world through an industry-leading interactive development environment, and iterate through the entire workflow within one cohesive environment.

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