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Product documentation and support files for existing FactSet subscribers.

User Guides

FactSet Technology Overview Guide
  • FactSet software suite overview
  • System requirements
  • Network, routing, and firewall setup
  • Business continuity planning
  • Security overview and data security
FactSet Compatibility Table

FactSet Workstation requirements, supported environments and applications, and retirement schedule.

FactSet Workstation: Quick Start Installation Guide
FactSet Workstation: Installation Guide

Advanced installation and deployment topics for IT professionals:

  • System requirements
  • Network, routing, and firewall setup
  • Multiuser environments (Citrix/XenApp, Terminal Server, Hotdesk)
  • Repackaging, transforms and Public Properties
FactSet OnlineComponents Cache Folder
  • Expedite FactSet upgrades via OnlineComponents
  • Reduce bandwidth requirements
FactSet App-V Sequencing Guide
Step-by-step instructions for sequencing FactSet with Microsoft’s App-V.
Framework Lifecycle Policy
  • Lifecycle Policy Overview
  • Updating FactSet using OnlineComponents
  • Upgrade recommendations
Framework Lifecycle Policy and FactSet OnlineComponents
  • Lifecycle Policy Overview
  • Updating FactSet using OnlineComponents
  • Early Adopter vs General Release
  • Upgrade recommendations
FactSet Client Data Integration Technology Overview

Discusses client, custodian, and other contributor data integration with FactSet

  • Integration process overview
  • Recommendations for secure data transfer
  • Example data transfer and encryption scripts
  • Connectivity questionnaire for new transfers
OpenFin Installation & FDC3 Interoperability


Web Service User Guide
OnDemand Web Service Jupyter Notebooks


FactSet Workstation (General Release)

Download the General Release to install a version that is widely deployed across a sizable user base. 

Version: 2016.31.091.042 | Release Date: Feb 9, 2021

FactSet Workstation (Early Adopter)

Download the Early Adopter Release to take advantage of the most recent enhancements or require a specific new feature that is included in this version

Version: 2016.32.080.023 | Release Date: Mar 2, 2021

FactSet for iOS

Access research, news, quotes, watch lists, and company analytics from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

FactSet for Android

Access research, news, quotes, watch lists, and company analytics from your Android smartphone or tablet.

FactSet Enterprise Hosting Citrix Communication

Used only in conjunction with FactSet Enterprise hosting. This allows the Enterprise hosted solution to gather required compliance information from the connected device as well as perform basic features in conjunction with an installed FactSet workstation.

FactSet in OpenFin (Beta)

Benefit from a full desktop experience including features like workspace saving, identifier and context channeling, tabs and docking to layout FactSet in the way that works best for you. Built using the OpenFin platform and leveraging FDC3 standards for interoperability, it's a light-weight installation using HTML5 components that will always be up-to-date with the latest enhancements and seamlessly work with other applications on your desktop. 

Real-Time Exchange DataFeed

Windows Toolkit installer

Use the Windows Installer to install the latest version of any toolkit, or choose individual packages below.

Statistical Package Integration

MATLAB/R Integration V3.6.2 User Guides
MATLAB Integration V3.6.2 Downloads
R Integration V3.6.2 Downloads
OnDemand Developer's Toolkit V3.6.2 Downloads