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Portfolio Services

Portfolio Services

Fast and Secure Processing of Your Client Portfolio Data

If you struggle to scale your calculation engine to meet on-time requirements, sacrifice rich calculations to meet speed and cost restrictions, or spend more time scrubbing data than analyzing output, FactSet’s portfolio services can help.

Our complete portfolio data integration, robust and transparent reconciliation, and standardized and custom reports ensure data integrity and quality reporting for all members of your firm.

Save time and alleviate the burden of manually processing your firm’s data and analytics by relying on a team of FactSet specialists to monitor and remedy issues during all stages of your workflow, from data extraction to analytical enrichment, through report generation and data delivery.

The FactSet Portfolio Services Process

  1. Data Upload and Reconciliation: FactSet receives your holdings, returns, and qualitative data, parses that data into our systems, and reconciles day-over-day transfer and parser results. 
  2. Processing and Analytics: Complex analytics and returns are calculated and reconciled through a series of real-time quality checks. FactSet provides daily monitoring of your firm’s workflow to ensure efficiency and accuracy. 
  3. Reporting and Delivery: We work with data users at your firm to create standard reports, build custom reports, and schedule automated generation.

What’s Included

Based on your firm’s needs, the quality of your data, and your available resources, FactSet will develop a project outline tailored to the requirements for your firm. In most cases, users will be able to log into the system, load data, and produce daily analytics within the first 30 days.

Throughout the implementation, you will have access to FactSet’s client data integration specialists, security modeling specialists, portfolio services process engineers, and portfolio specialists. On-site training sessions are provided by FactSet’s industry-leading consulting team.