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Real-Time Exchange Data

Real-Time Exchange Data

Scope and Coverage 

FactSet’s Real-Time Exchange DataFeed product line provides a variety of options for real-time exchange data delivery, including Streaming and Snapshot versions. FactSet normalizes the data from over 80 global exchanges to make it easier to power proprietary and third-party applications.

FactSet lets you easily access tick data from multiple exchanges via one connection. Gain access to the normalized market data you need to power your trade order management systems, execution management systems, web portals, portfolio applications, and other applications.


  • Take advantage of the most innovative and scalable technology available
  • Gain access to knowledgeable experts in the real-time exchange data field to help with any request
  • Tailor the way you receive exchange data with new features, fields, or other requests
  • Receive all the data you need from one vendor, rather than managing multiple systems
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