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The following datasets comprise the FactSet Global Prices database.

Database Approximate #
of Active Issues
History Update Cycle
Fixed Income
55,000 Since 1984 Intraday
Derivative Instruments
Futures 500+ active root contracts;
900+ total
Since 1972 Intraday
Options 7,200+ underlying instruments Since 2004 Intraday
Historical Prices 52,000 Since 1984 Intraday
Real-time/Intraday Prices 118,000 Current Real-time
U.S. Extended History 25,000 Since 1972 Daily
Mutual Funds* 28,000 Since 1984 Intraday
Short Interest
Markit Securities Finance 97,000 Since 2007 Daily
NASDAQ Short Interest 13,500 Since 1995 Semi-monthly
NYSE Short Interest 15,000 Since 1993 Semi-monthly
TMX Group Short Interest 5,000 Since 2011 Semi-monthly

* The Morningstar Closed-end Funds Database and Morningstar Peer Group Indices are separate from the Global Prices database. 

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