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FactSet Economics provides global economic intelligence to help you analyze complex relationships, monitor developments, and transform your research into results. FactSet Economics can be used to gain insight into the economy or in conjunction with company data to perform industry analysis.

Scope and Coverage

FactSet Economics gives you quick access to comprehensive information from key sources to help you quantify and analyze global economic relationships.

  • 2+ million Series
  • 62,000+ Commodities
  • 194,000+ Interest Rates
  • 1.8 million Economic Series


  • FactSet integrates multiple datasets (company, benchmark, economic) for centralized sector analysis
  • Save time with 700 country reports and 70 country synopsis overview reports
  • Take advantage of our seamless conversion process
  • Also available as a data feed
FactSet News and Insight

Economic Impact of Amazon-Whole Foods Deal May be Limited

How the mega merger could affect deflation, the grocery industry, and the retail industry as a whole.

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