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ETF Analytics

ETF Analytics

The FactSet ETF Analytics suite provides comprehensive reference and analytics data across the universe of exchange-traded products.

Scope and Coverage

FactSet ETF data is sourced from more than 80 providers, with a one year history for U.S. Reference Data and current European Reference Data.

  • Countries covered: U.S. and Europe
  • Data items: More than 100
  • Update cycle: Daily (U.S.) and weekly (Europe) via FTP or research report PDF

FactSet ETF Reference Feed

  • Easily complete your ETF due diligence using FactSet’s library of fund-specific data points and information on ETF structure, trading, and benchmark indexes
  • Search across asset classes using a horizontal classification system to understand each ETF’s exposure on a granular level
  • Retrieve exchange listings data, including exchange names, tickers, exchange codes, and listing currencies to monitor trades on multiple exchanges in different currencies

FactSet ETF Analytics Feed

  • Make valid and reliable comparisons for critical statistics across the universe of ETFs using standardized methodology and consistent snapshots in time
  • Access important portfolio data for equities, fixed income, and commodities derived directly from underlying holdings
  • Leverage proprietary ratings and scores to gather objective measures of fund efficiency, risk, tradability, and fit relative to benchmarks
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