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The FactSet Ownership database collects global equity ownership data for institutions, mutual fund portfolios, and insiders/stakeholders. FactSet provides both summary and detailed ownership data that can be viewed by security or by holder (institution, mutual fund, insider/stakeholder, as well as beneficial owner in the case of UK domiciled securities).

Scope and Coverage

(as of June 2012)

Global Institutions with AUM more than 7,200
Global Financial Sponsors
more than 28,200
Global Financial Sponsors Contacts more than 235,000
Global Portfolios Covered (Funds and 13F)
more than 39,700
Global Insiders/Stakes Positions
more than 152,800 Insiders
more than 268,200 Stakeholders
UKSR Beneficial Owners
more than 33,000
13F History
since 1999
Update Cycle: Pricing
Update Cycle: Holdings
Countries Covered 120

Dataset Features

  • Summary data – Aggregated data for both securities and holders includes: ownership statistics and analysis, investor regional analysis, ADR/ORD analysis, contact information, portfolio characteristics, and breakdown of holder’s portfolio by region, sector, asset class and market capitalization.
  • Detail data – For a holder company’s current position in each security, data provided includes position, position change, market value adjusted for daily pricing and corporate actions, percent of both portfolio and shares outstanding, source, metro region, state, style, and turnover.
  • Meaningful uses – With this data you can compare ownership across a range of similar securities, conduct historical analysis upon security holdings for a money manager as well as focus on a fund’s activity for a given security and associated sector. You can also view insider transactions, perform broad and comprehensive historical analysis, and much more.


  • Fully integrated within the FactSet Workstation
  • Independent web-based product
  • Standard FactSet Data Feed (Learn more >>)

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