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Scheduled and On-Demand Data Feeds

Scheduled and On-Demand Data Feeds

From raw data to complex calculations, FactSet offers consistency across a broad range of datasets to ensure your system will scale with your needs. FactSet also provides processing rules for content and schema changes so you can take advantage of a robust, low maintenance solution that will simplify implementation and manage future data additions with ease.

Get the Data You Need When You Need It

  • Standard Data: Choose from a range of delivery options with flexible formats and a variety of packages based on region and data items. Filter based on specified criteria including universe and history as well. Comprehensive schema descriptions provide a blueprint to help you maintain a local copy of FactSet’s proprietary content.
  • On-Demand Data: Retrieve real-time and historical data, charting, and more with direct access to FactSet’s integrated databases, without having to add database software or additional infrastructure. Program in the language of your choice, such as VB, C++, Java, or Python. Easily extract only the data you want and eliminate the need for local data management.
  • Statistical Package Integration: FactSet integrates with leading statistical packages so you can spend less time compiling information and more time performing analysis. See our integration partners.
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