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Real-Time Data Feeds

Real-Time Data Feeds

Keep pace in a world where real-time data means real-time impact. Gain access to the normalized market data you need to power your trade order management systems, execution management systems, web portals, portfolio applications, and other applications.

Power Your Systems with Real-Time Exchange Data

  • Streaming Data: FactSet’s API provides a framework for simple and elegant programmatic access to market data. We support C++, C#, Java, and COM programming languages for use with real-time data feeds.
  • Snapshot Data: Make requests and receive responses via industry-standard web protocols. Retrieve real-time or delayed market data via FactSet's web service technology in a normalized XML, CSV, or HTML formats.
  • Historical Data: Access historical time and sales data collected from the exchanges on a daily or ad hoc basis. Choose to retrieve the data for specific time periods and intervals. Return data in CSV format, then manipulate that data to be displayed in your own applications or databases.
  • OMS Integration: FactSet integrates with top quality Order Management System (OMS) platforms so you can seamlessly access entitled real-time global exchange, reference, and benchmark data directly into your OMS. See our integration partners.
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