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Data Management Solutions

Data Management Solutions

FactSet provides the reliable infrastructure needed to meet evolving analytical, risk management, concordance, and regulatory needs. Effectively manage market data as well as reference data by exposing a taxonomy of linkages and hierarchies between entities, securities, people, and funds. Our solution can be deployed across your firm to link and aggregate a variety of content sources.

Satisfy Global Regulation

Access key reference data items including LEI, NACE and CIC codes, as well as other key items needed to meet regulatory requirements such as FATCA, Solvency II, and Dodd-Frank.

Leverage a Single Master Source

Leverage FactSet's hub-and-spoke model to connect disparate sources of information by mapping various identifiers and data points to a single master entity identifier.

Understand Risk and Complex Relationships

Uncover meaningful insight that will drive alpha discovery by quantifying your exposure to a security, an issuer, an industry, a country, an ultimate parent, or a specific set of securities.

Automate Data Delivery

Choose to receive information from a variety of data delivery mechanisms to populate financial portals, intranets, CRM systems, and other business applications.

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