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FactSet Data Feeds

FactSet Data Feeds

An Enterprise-Wide Solution for Data Management and Integrity

Ensure every member of your team’s evolving analytical, risk management, concordance, and regulatory needs are met with FactSet’s enterprise datafeed solutions. Our solutions can be deployed across your firm to link and aggregate a variety of content sources, ensuring consistency, transparency, and data integrity across users in the front, middle, and back offices.

Data Management

Turn big data into smart data by exposing direct and indirect relationships and hierarchies between entities, securities, people, and funds. FactSet uses a single entity-level identifier to effectively manage both market and reference data. Gain access to the normalized market data you need to power your trade order management systems, execution management systems, web portals, portfolio applications, and other applications.

The Open:FactSet Marketplace

Access best-of-breed data and solutions from FactSet and premier third parties in one place. The Open:FactSet Marketplace, a cloud-access data exchange for the investment community, connects untapped datasets with best-in-class symbology and integration. Combine pre-linked, harmonized datasets, from ESG to satellite with FactSet’s leading data feeds, such as ownership, supply chain, and fundamentals. Together, we provide a single point of access to the data combinations you need to power your investment workflow. Visit the Marketplace at

Quantitative Analysis 

Capitalize on global data coverage with extensive history and flexible delivery options. Uncover valuable insight that will drive alpha discovery and optimize risk management. Benefit from FactSet’s turnkey integration with leading statistical packages, including MATLAB®, R Project, and SAS® for statistical computing.

Application Development

Seamlessly integrate FactSet content into internal and vendor applications such as websites, client portals, and CRM systems. From ad hoc requests to regularly scheduled feeds, FactSet gives your developers the control to oversee design and functionality of your applications while we take on the burden of managing your data.

Benchmark Data

From performance measurement and client reporting to supporting your compliance and risk workflows, FactSet streamlines implementation and delivers accurate data for a range of global equity and fixed income benchmarks. Our normalized format across vendors, combined with consistent symbology and a centralized contact for support, ensures a cost-effective solution that frees you up to focus on the critical aspects of your business.

Regulatory Compliance

Rely on a strong foundation to meet your regulatory reporting, compliance, and data warehousing needs. Integrate and link FactSet’s robust content sets to gain a better understanding of your exposure to a security, an issuer, an industry, a country, an ultimate parent, or a specific set of securities. FactSet provides regulatory identifiers, including LEI, NACE, and CIC codes, as well as other key items and reporting requirements for regulations.

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