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Content Contribution

Content Contribution

See Your Data on FactSet

Leading global financial institutions and research firms contribute their data to FactSet for display on the FactSet platform.

Research Reports

FactSet Research Connect is an innovative database that offers research reports from a large and growing global roster of sell-side firms and independent research providers. Research Connect provides a direct channel between sell-side research publishers and their investment management clients.

With Research Connect:

  • You’ll have complete control over who sees your research. FactSet’s web-based entitlement system lets you view exactly which firms and individuals have access to your research.
  • You’ll know how much of your research your clients are reading. FactSet’s readership statistics help you confirm the value you are delivering to your clients. Discover if your largest clients are indeed reading your research.

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FactSet Estimate databases are widely acknowledged for their ability to provide insight in a world where consistency and transparency are at a premium. FactSet adopts special handling for quality and performance in today's global marketplace. Our response to changes in the market is balanced with our goal to provide a streamlined contribution process.

With FactSet Estimates:

  • You'll have access to sophisticated data. Contributing your estimates through FactSet ensures that your estimates are provided correctly and in a timely manner - estimates are available on the system within hours of contribution. Quality assurance software flags outliers for review.
  • You'll have assurance that estimates using different methodologies are not mixed or standardized; the estimate you contribute is the estimate displayed to clients.

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With identical control to that of FactSet Research Connect, Research Models offers granular entitlements control and transparency. Now more than ever, FactSet is successfully expanding it's client base by offering a consolidated market data solution. Buy-side consumers are focused on efficiency. Enhancing their workflow by consolidating model distribution with research and estimates provides optimal efficiency for your buy-side clients.

Leverage FactSet Research Models:

  • Entitle end users at the individual or firm level.
  • Retrieve meaningful readership statistics enabling you to better understand how your clients consume your content.
  • Segment model distribution from research distribution enabling you the opportunity to manage access based on client tier (e.g. Model access for Tier 1 clients only).
  • Further refine your product offering by establishing multiple model types (basic vs. deep data set).

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Fund Data

FactSet Funds is an innovative database used by asset managers to present fund information and investment expertise to FactSet's client base. The data is then used by FactSet subscribers to screen and select fund managers and country or sector experts across the globe.

With FactSet Funds:

  • You can market your key investment expertise to a broad network of professional investors.
  • You determine the frequency and embargo period for disseminating your data. Once received by FactSet, your raw data will undergo extensive quality assurance tests to ensure it is presented exactly as you specify.
  • You can target and contact institutions that invest in specific sectors and regions where you have specific interests.

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