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Private Equity

Private Equity

FactSet Private Equity contains comprehensive, continually expanding information on thousands of global private equity firms and venture capital firms. You can access information about a private equity or venture capital firm’s active as well as exited portfolio companies, including venture capital financing rounds; view in-depth company profiles and investment trends; analyze industry and geographic holdings; as well as discover potential investments and buys.

Scope and Coverage

By Region

  • North America: 5,645
  • EMEA: 3,345
  • Asia Pacific: 1,540
  • Latin America: 130

Portfolio Companies

  • 56,295 active private companies
  • 4,619 active public companies
  • 41,959 exited portfolio companies


  • Key summary statistics including estimated active funds under management, active portfolio companies, and stages of interest
  • Details on companies held by the private equity or venture capital firm including investment date, financing rounds, percent holdings, additional investors, board seats, revenue, industry, and entry deal information.
  • View the funds managed by each private equity or venture capital firm including details on fund open date, status, amount sought and amount raised.
  • Access the latest pending M&A deals by buyer or seller, management and board, industry and geographic areas of focus, and investment approach overview.
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